Saturday, September 29, 2007

Page Thirty Seven John Braden's Diary

sunday the 9
i cleaned out the smoke house was home all day packing up to move

monday the 10th
we moved to day to town

tuesday the 11
i went out to lees after the spotted cow John wint with me i paid my house rent $6 00

wednesday the 12
i mowed the weeds & worked in the garden Jo B came up at night to get me to help him harvest

thursday the 13
it rained to day so i couldent help Jo thornhill came up in the after noon i gave him a morgage on 3 cows to _____ a note for $26 00 for 3 months

Page Thirty Six John Braden's Diary

July the 2nd
sunday the 2nd
i was home all day

monday the 3rd
i halled 5 loads of manure after dinner i plowed went to town after super

tuesday the 4th
we all went to town sellibrate had quite a time

wednesday the 5th
i plowed corn all day

thursday the 6th
we had a big rain storm last night we plowed one round it was to wet so i quit & went to town i rented a house for $6 00 a month Jo B was here when i got back home he got a load of oats from george

friday 7th
i ground feed for 1 our & then wint over to thorns hill to poot up hay mr Brown was over to see me a bout buying a cow i bought a cow from thorns hill for $32 00 last thursday 6th

saturday the 8th
i plowed till noon we got don plowing to day i traided the colt to george for to sows that will have some pigs in a day or to i took them to town i sold a fat sow for $7 52 i bought the garden W hore i am going to move for $6 i bought a pump & a padlock for $1 87 harry staid at grammas tonite

Page Thirty Five John Braden's Diary

sunday the 25
we all went to town took the baby to the doctor we came home Jo Barnes kids was here lees folks was all out

monday the 26
i went to town to the log went to town got some coal & a pair of boots got a quarter from george got home at noon halled 15 loads of dung

tuesday the 27
i halled 9 loads of dung

wednesday the 28
i halled 9 loads of dung

thursday 29
i halled 8 loads of dung & plowed the taters John & ella came out got 31 lbs of lard

friday 30
wife went to town got the boys some close i got %5 00 from george i ground feed halled 3 loads of dung & one load of dirt to post in the barn

saturday the first of July
i halled to loads of corn & one load of oats & ground feed till noon went to town after noon & down to Johns

Page Thirty Four John Braden's Diary

tuesday the 20
plowed corn all day

wensday 21
i halled 3 loads of manure & grownd some feed till noon i went over & plowed corn for pringle this after noon lee bread to mars today we got our corn plowed over the second time to day

thursday the 22
i feed the cattle halled a load of corn & a load of oats growned some feed it rained till noon i took my old cow to Johns got $45 00 out of the bank to pay george i paid Jo Barns he owes me 20 cents i went up to Jo Bo John is sick to night

friday the 23
we shelled corn to day mrs Barnes was down a little while to day her horse got something the matter with it foot Jo came down after her

saturday the 24
i gatherd up all trash & ground feed until noon i weeded the garden i sold flax for $30 00 & a cow georges uncle was here

Friday, September 28, 2007

The End of September

and we are still in the 70's. The nights are getting cooler though. Last weekend it was still in the 80's. Younger son went camping with his new troop and the kids worked on their fishing merit badge. Younger son already has it, but enjoys fishing so he had fun. We found out for his next camp out his equipment wasn't something he could use. We had to go get a hiking backpack and a mummy sleeping bag. All his gear will have to be carried at the next camp out for a 5 to 10 mile hike. The only sleeping bag that fits into this backpack is a mummy bag. Since his other backpack has lasted a few years and had a broken strap he would have to had it replaced sooner or later. Now wasn't a good time, but it's done and he loves it. I must say the mummy bag is much smaller and lighter then his last one.

Last Sunday while younger son was on his way home from the camp out, Older son and my niece took the train into Chicago to see a Cubs game. It was older son's birthday gift this year. I was happy to get any tickets. They had a great time and the Cubs won! We tried to get play off tickets, but they were sold out really quickly.

My best friend and I went out to lunch Monday for my birthday. We go out twice a year for lunch, her birthday and mine. We always end up sitting around laughing. She did make me still go for our walk before lunch! We are up to about two miles. I had most of this week off since her mom was coming to town.

Tuesday was the day younger son had to get the Herbst appliance on his teeth for a year. Here is what it looks like, ok I can't copy the picture! Here is a description instead.

This appliance is used to move the lower jaw forward. It can be fixed or removable. When it is fixed, it is cemented to teeth in one or both arches using stainless steel crowns. An expansion screw may be used simultaneously to widen the upper jaw.

Last night we had our first court of honor where the scouts are given the merit badges they have earned and the new positions are recognized from the election they held. It was the first day I left the house in a couple of days. I ended up not feeling too well the last couple of days. It was nice to get out for a little bit. After the meeting ended I went grocery shopping so it was a late night. It was nice to sleep in a little this morning.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Younger Son's New Hiking Pack

Back of the Hiking Pack

Some of The Kids From Younger Son's New Troop

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Page Thirty Three John Braden's Diary

thursday the 15
we plowed corn all day ____ went to town i sent for some tobacco & sugar

friday 16
i halled 4 loads of manure george & i drove his ma__ single this after noon & flowed some

saturday the 17
i settled with george i bought a cow from george for $41 00 wife went to town to get medsin for the baby plowed corn all day

sunday the 18
terbill hot all day i wnet to Johns be fore noon grace & tom was here i saw Jo B & ed ____ & family a young lady & ____ too had quite a runaway the girl came to the house for a while they run in the fence & was throwed out

monday 19
i growned feld till noon halled out a load of manure then went to plow it was offle hot we had to quit work

Monday, September 24, 2007

Page Thirty Two John Braden's Diary

sunday the 11
i slept most all day Tom grace & Hatty was here a little while

monday the 12
i fed the cattle halled about 15 bu of corn over to the hogs got the plow & made a copple of sweet potatoes rows halled 2 loads of corn & one load of mamure after dinner i halled 3 loads of manutre & claud helped me to foot out 200 sweet potatoe plants i took my mare to the horse & bread her it looks like it would storm to night i got a dollar from george

tuesday the 13
nell had a coalt this after noon topsy had one last night it rained hard last night i halled 3 loads of dung & ground some feed lee came out to try to get topsys colt to suck tom & grace came out stayed all night

wensday the 14
george came home this morning i halled 10 loads of manure john came out after ma tom & grace went home topsys colt diyde it rained again last night cora is not very well

Page Thirty One John Braden's Diary

wednesday the 7
i halled dong till noon haled 5 loads plowed corn this after noon John & Harry went out with me tom Hopkins & grace was here for dinner wife & ma & the baby went to town had the babys picture taken John fell of old barnney but dident get heart much i got a bushel of corn from george

thursday the 8
plowed corn all day

friday the 9th
plowed corn till noon grouned feed after noon tom & grace was here Harry went home with them

saturday the 10
we finished plowing corn over once to day i halled four loads of dung this after noon grace & Hatty brought Harry home this evening george bought a horse to day

Friday, September 21, 2007

Long Night/Day

While I was waiting for older son to call and let me know he was on his way home from work I got a slightly different call. He called to say he was done working, but UPS is sending him by taxi to the clinic because he twisted his ankle. No problem, he hit his finger once before and they also sent him there, paid him for the time he was at the clinic and the cab took him back to work and he came home. This time after telling his boss about his ankle he also mentioned he was a little light headed and his stomach started to hurt as he was trying to walk of the twisted ankle. He decided to go outside seeing if the fresh air made him feel better. Well, he sat in a chair and the next thing he remembers is being face down on the cement and coming to. He passed out again. He does this every now and then. Unfortunately he banged up the side of his face by his eye and a has a few cuts. When he went back in no one was too much worried about his ankle, they ended up sending him for a head injury. The first clinic the cab driver pulled up to was the wrong one, the second clinic was the right one but after finding out he had a head injury the sent him to a hospital close to where we are. He didn't call again until he was already in the emergency room I met him there about 12:30am and we just came home at 5:30am. They were more worried about his heart then his head and all older son wanted to do was go home and forget about it. They did a neurological exam that was normal, x-rayed his ankle and did an EKG. Since he had a much more extensive work up last year for a similar problem we pretty much knew he was ok unless something changed this year. Everything came back fine. His ankle is just sprained and a little swollen, but then so is his face and eye. He is released to go back to work tomorrow. We then had to drive to his job to pick up his car and drive back home. I am just thankful we made it home. We were both way too tired to drive.

You may be wondering why I am still up typing this :) Well we both took showers and older son went to bed and I got dressed for the day because we have our condo sprayed once a month by Orkin and he will be here in 2 and a half hours! I also have to call my friend and tell her I am not walking at 8:50 this morning since I would fall over! I am planing on going to lay down for awhile at 8:30. Today my niece and I were going to go out, but I think that will have to wait until Saturday.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This week is flying by! My niece is with us until Sunday. She works downtown even though she lives in an other state she is close enough to work in Chicago. I take her to the train in the morning and then start with our day. I took some pictures of her coming home today, because I thought it would be fun to get some train pictures. I forgot how loud the whistle blows as the train goes by, especially when you are standing close to the edge taking pictures!

Milo and my niece are bonding :) Usually Milo takes a long time to get to know someone, but with in a hour or so they were pals. He is lying right next to her on the couch as I am typing. She is reading magazines and showing him dog pictures she finds:) He usually never leaves my side. I am enjoying getting up without trying not to step on him!

Tomorrow is her last day of work for the week and then we will have three days to spend together. We still haven't decided what we want to do. Friday Younger son leaves for a camp out. Sunday older son and niece are going to a Cubs game. Then we are all going over to my mom's for my birthday. Younger son comes home early Sunday.

Younger son had his separators put in yesterday so he is a little sore. We thought we were done with the orthodontist, but his jaw moved back. So he is going to have to wear something again for a year. They are putting 8 crowns on his back teeth next week to hold the appliance in place. Fine arts started back up and is in full swing.

That's our update!

Watching For The Train

Here it Comes

Metra Train

Picking Up My Niece

Page Thirty John Braden's Diary

saturday 3
i halled 4 loads of dung after dinner we comenced to cultivate george went to town and got my mare and colt and brought them home

sunday 4
John and Ella come out John Harry and i went a fishing i stopped at all bright and got georges knife that Harry traded to their boy i gave the boy 40 cents we dident get any fish come home to dinner i slept after dinner read some george killed the old cat that catches chickens

monday the 5
we cultivated corn all day

tuesday the 6
wee plowed corn all day I worked my mare this after noon it is rainning to night i played the fiddle to night ____lee is here to night mr lee came out this evening i poot my cripple sow with the other one

Monday, September 17, 2007

Page Twenty Nine John Braden's Diary

saturday 28
John and i went a fishing caught a few fish then we came home Mr lee was here when we got home my sow had pigs to day she has got 5

monday 29
i halled 10 loads of dung george went to town to get a feed grinder got our sewing machine i went to Jo B at night got 4 bushels of potatoes one bushel to plant

tuesday the 30
Halled 10 loads of dung after dinner george and i built a Buggy shed

wednesday 31
i halled 9 loads of dung and planted a bushels of taters i went to town and had two teeth pulled John got hurt on the head ma came home with me

thursday June the first
george and i halled 19 loads of manure

friday 2nd
wee halled 12 loads of dung to day it blowed up quite a storm this after noon george went to town i took the cow to the bull this was the last day of school there was some men stopped here out of the rain i played the fiddle for them

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Safely Home

Older son and niece made it home safely tonight from their visit with my nephew at college. Older son is ready to move in the dorm :) He would first off have to sell his car and quit his job, but besides that he is ready to go. They had a great time. They went to a football game, out to eat a few times, toured the campus, and had fun hanging out together. I was going to post a couple of pictures, but he didn't take any. Can you imagine! I think he must have been switched at birth! I wanted to see the college, the hotel they stayed at, maybe even a picture or two of my nephew in his room. Oh well, I think I am going to have to make the trip down if I want pictures.

My sister and her husband made it safely to Mexico after a nine hour flight delay. My niece will be staying with us until next Sunday. She catches a early train every morning to go to work. We will be getting up and out early to take her to the train station.

Younger son had a great time at the birthday party he went to. They let him and his friend build a camp fire and roasted marshmallows in the evening. Younger son bought his friend a Star Wars music book for the Sax. He has the same book for his trumpet. It comes with a cassette so you can play along. They are already planning on when they can get together and play.

That's about it for the day. Milo and I stayed home. I caught up on some shows I have taped so I can delete them. I even read the papers on the same day they were delivered.

Time for bed. Younger son is already asleep in the living room with me and has started talking in his sleep. That didn't take long, he just laid down right before I signed on :)

Page Twenty Eight John Braden's Diary

wednesday 24
i plowed the potatoes and harowed to day

thursday 25
the painters was here to day to paint the barn i halled a load of manure moved feed boxes

friday 26
i halled 11 loads of dung

saturday may 27
i halled one load of dung then i got ready and we all went to town and down to mas i got a sewing mechine for $21 00 got a pair of gloves got Tom shod in front got some smoking tabaco Wife got some things then i went down to mas put the team in the barn John went up town with me we met Jed and had some cigars I met ____ chard stopped in smiths store and talked a while saw Jo b and frank _____ saw mr fernil and _______ got $40 00 out of the bank then wife and i went to mas to stay all night John and i went fishing a little while didnent get anything it rained awful hard most all night i read family story paper until a late ___

Braden Family

I though since I am putting John Braden's diary on here, it might be a good idea to put some information about his family here too. I was just writing this last entry and looked at some of the dates I have that he wrote in the back of his diary and realized his wife, Lucina would at this time be pregnant with what will be twins. She also has a one year old (she will be my great grandmother) along with a 7 year old boy, and a 4 year old boy when we left off in May of 1899. The twins will be born in October of 1899. I do wish I would have Lucina's thoughts on paper too. I am thankful for the diary I have, but it just peeks my curiosity about Lucina life. Here below is the information John wrote in the back of his diary.

John Braden was born in the year of 1864 December the 19th
Lucina Gatton was born in the year of 1867 November the 11th
Lora May Braden was born in the year 1891 of May the 4th
Harry Vanburen Braden was born in the year of 1892 September the 25th
John Young Braden was born in the year of 1895 June the 26th
Cora A. Braden was born in the year of 1898 June the 29th
Ray B. and Fay G. Braden were born in the year of 1899 October the 19th
Dorothy J. Braden was born in the year of 1902 July the 17th

Lora May Braden died May 26, 1893
Fay Gatton Braden died October the 15, 1900

Sadly it looks like when he wrote this diary they had already lost one child. They lose Fay just under a year after she was born.

Page Twenty Seven John Braden's Diary

monday 8
i went to town after coal got $1 40 grace came home with me i got $2 00 from george we planted corn

sunday 14
i went to johns

monday 15
i sold the colt back to george for $25 00 i bought a saw for $10 00 from george

thursday 18
we finished planting corn to day

fryday 19
rained to day i didn't do mutch to day settled with george he paid me $17 89

saturday 20
i went to town paid the store got some groceries came home at noon shelled corn after noon was at Johns

sunday 21
i slept most all day Mrs Monroe was here

monday 22
unloaded cobs till noon halled dung after noon 5 loads went to the log at night got Harry some close

tuesday 23
built a fence around the straw shack loaded up load of straw and a load of cobs after dinner halled dung 5 loads Harry started to school today

Friday, September 14, 2007

Page Twenty Six John Braden's Diary

wednesday 19

thursday 20
harowed in oats all day

friday 21

saturday 22
Halled hogs to town paid me store bill paid george $30 00 george settled up with me i got a pair of shoes

sunday 23 we all went to mas i took my cow and colt to mas i give ma $2 00 to get feed then we come home stop at Joes a while i got my rais__

monday 24
i put up a mail box planted georges potatoes get the ground ready for mine went to the log paid my dues

tuesday 25
grace come out to day i planted my potatoes

wednesday 26
grace was here to day i was farming today i harrowed this evening

thursday 27

friday 28

saturday 29
we went to mas at nite to a dance it rained we staid all night

sunday 30
was home all day flo_ has got a colt

saturday 6
wife went to town today grace came home with her i got 2 dollars from george

Sunday 7
grace went home to day wife is sick to nite

Happy Friday!

It is finally cooler here!! Yeah! Today it is about 62 degrees tomorrow it is suppose to be 72 and then back to the 80's next week. Even though some of the days are still warm the nights are much better. My nephew will be very happy it is getting cooler too. He is away at college and his dorm room is not air conditioned. I was very surprised to here there was no air conditioning. The temperatures by him were in the 100's the week he moved in and have been pretty hot most of his stay. Hopefully next year he will get something with air.

Speaking of college, older son and my niece are driving out to visit my nephew after son gets off work tonight. they are staying in a hotel for the weekend. This will be the first time he has gone away on his own except for scout camps. He is driving to my sisters in the next state over and then my niece is driving to the school from there. They are having a family weekend at the college and my sister and brother in law are out of town, so older son and niece are going. My nephew and son are getting the same degree in criminal justice. My nephew wants to get into the FBI or CIA and older son wants to be a patrol cop. I say they should start a detective agency and hire me to do the books:) I will be needing a job by then!

So that leaves younger son and I at home alone this weekend. We plan on doing a little cleaning tomorrow and the younger son has a birthday party to go to Sunday. My niece is coming here Sunday after the college trip and staying with us for the week. Should be fun! I am really going to enjoy the visit. With the kids getting older who knows how long they will all be living close and still have time for a week visit! She still has to work 4 days next week, but we are going to do something Friday. No sure what yet.

Milo is looking and smelling better this week :) He went in and had a shampoo, teeth cleaned and nails clipped. He is always so happy to see us when we pick him back up!

I had some sad news this last week. My pastors son passed away. We all took it pretty hard. His son was 27 and just became a pastor of his own church. He had a brain tumor. He fought for 2 years and 9 months. He was just told there was no other treatment for him 2 weeks ago. He only lasted a little less then two weeks after being told. The wake and funeral were this week. Older son played at his installation when he was appointed a church. He wanted to work with him in youth. Older son really like him and respected him. It was a hard week. Makes you examine some things in your life.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Page Twenty Five John Braden's Diary

friday 7
halled hay and straw and dung and fodder

saturday 8
i went to town went down to get some groceries got a dollar from george got some medicine

sunday 9
a nice warm took the meat down and salted it a gain cut John and Harry hair cut the fore top off of the gray team

monday 10
i put some meshines to gether

tuesday 11

wednesday 12
John and Ella was here to get some Eggs i Made a gate trimmed up the bush

thursday 13
we sowed wheat today it rained this Evening

friday 14
cultivated in Wheat and Harowing

saturday 15
Joes boys was here to day i was harowing

Sunday 16 we went up to Jo B Jo and i went to town down to mas Jo come down and got a horse from george

Monday 17

tuesday 18
i bought a colt and cow from george for 60 dollars george got me a bottle of medicine

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Page Twenty Four John Braden's Diary

monday 27
we dehorned the cattle i went to the lodge

tuesday 28
george and i cut the tops of some of the trees i uncovered the tanks

wednesday 29
trimming trees the boys went up to barnes grace went after them grace went home

thursday 30
i halled dung

friday 31st

saturday first of april
i went to towm after supper got some groceries

sunday 2
i hung up the meat Jo was here it has been snowing to day

monday 3
done the ordinary work John run in front of my pitch fork it scrateked him a little

tuesday 4
worked on the barn and halled dung

wednesday 5
george and i went to the sale the first cow and calf sold for $13 00 00 i stopped at mas got the papers got 3 letters and broke the buggy hing the sale was Edwards

thursday 6
i done the chores and halled dung loaded a load of hay

Monday, September 10, 2007

September 11th, Six Year Anniversary

Page Twenty Three John Braden's Diary

friday 17
we had a big snow storm

saturday 18
halled straw all day

sunday 19
we all went to mas to day ma came home with us

monday 20
John came out to get the cow

tuesday 21
Ed came out

wednesday 22
Ed went home to day i halled 488 bundles of corn and cleaned out the stable

thursday 23
Ed and John and grace was here theay sold my gray mare and took flax home with them i left Ed have $5 00 i was sick

friday 24
am not much better

saturday 25
i went to town got some groceries got some oysters had a big dinner in honor of mas birth day better to day i am i put $30 00 in the bank on interest at 4 per cent for 3 months

sunday 26
was home all day reeding grace came out

Just a Note

I must make a comment here about the diary I am putting up here. Some of the words don't make sense to me either. I have no idea what "morning smornery" is or what a "removal card" is. I am coping as I can read it leaving __ where it is not legible any longer.

I should post every so often what this diary is and dates to let some one just coming to the blog know what these pages are and who wrote it.

John Braden is my great great grandfather. He was born December 19, 1864 in Illinois. He started this diary when he moved to Webster City, Iowa in 1898. The diary spans over a year with a few entries after.

I am enjoying trying to read the older style of print and language!

Page Twenty Two John Braden's Diary (1899)

saturday 4
worked at home

Sunday 5
grace went home wife rote to her pa

monday 6
cold and stormy

tuesday 7
warmer to day

wednesday 8
i Halled barley to town this afternoon saw Ed saw wit got a pint of mornings snornery

thursday 9
halled barley to town Ed came out and got my fiddle i got my removal card saw grace

friday 10
went to town with a load of barley i saw Ed

saturday the11
cold and raining halled straw

Sunday 12
home all day snowed last night

monday 13
halled straw

tuesday 14
i Butchered a hog it weighed two hundred and sixty 2 and a half pounds it snowed to day

wednesday 15
cut up my hog and made Sausage i settled with george he owed me 18 22 paid me 20 22

thursday 16
i went to town paid my store bill $11 12 got 3 chairs 1 75 got a load of coal $3 00 medicine 60 cents saw Ed

Fireworks From September 9th

Fireworks From September 9th


Monday's are usually harder to get up and get going, but I have been trying to sleep more and it is helping! Imagine if you sleep more you feel more awake! The only problem I am running into is I usually post and read a lot online instead of sleeping. Now I have to fit it into the day.

I had an interesting doctors appointment last Friday. I went in for my check up and ended up getting an pneumonia shot. I have to wait until the end of the month for the flu shot to come out. Now I have had this shot before. You get it every five years. I don't remember any problems last time just a little sore. This time by the time I left the office I couldn't move my arm. By the time I got home my arm swelled to golf ball size. By that evening the swelling went into my neck and shoulder. I did call the doctor and by midnight took her advice and took some Benedryl and put ice on it. I ended up doing that all weekend. Today I can finally raise my arm and although it is still a little sore it is manageable. I'm not sure I will want an other one in 5 years!

Yesterday we had a very nice day at my parents. My sister and brother were there and three people that my dad works with all came for dinner and fireworks. They had a carnival practically in their back yard. The kids all just ended up playing football with my brother in the backyard and not going to the carnival. Older son brought his lap top computer to show my parents the site since they are not on line.

Milo was so happy to see us when we came home. I don't like leaving him too long, but since they were having fireworks we had to keep him home. I took a lot of fireworks pictures trying to figure out the best setting. On the fourth of July I took some on auto and night scene, not knowing I had a fireworks setting on the camera. I brought the tripod too. I want to start using the manual setting more, but need to learn more about that first.

I am going to post a couple of the fireworks pictures here. The rest are on my FlickR account.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Page Twenty One John Braden's Diary

saturday 25
i helped paper to day it is snowing two night

Sunday 26
the snow is piled up 5 or 6 feet deep i put the curtains up to day

monday 27
warmer to day

tuesday 28

Wednesday March 1st
i went up to Joes and got his wagon box to hall wheat to town i went down to Mas got some papers and books Ed is sick grace came home to day

thursday 2
Ed halled wheat to town saw John and Ella got Harry a pair of rubber boots got me a coat

friday 3
i halled wheat to town i saw Jeb in town saw Jo got $5 00 from george got a load of coal $2 50 got John a pair of over shoes

Friday, September 07, 2007

Page Twenty John Braden's Diary

Saturday 18
i halled hay all day

Sunday 19
home all day moved a bed upstairs played the fiddle

Monday 20
i took my cow down to monroes to the bull he charged me 7 50

tuesday the 21
i settled with lee i sold him the cow that he sold to me for 29 00

Wednesday the 22
Ed and grace came out we are cleaning home lee is papering i sent 3 65 to sterens to pay my dues

thursday 23
Ed went home to day we had a snow storm last night me cleaned the kitched to day

fryday 24
i went to town took in a bed i trad that i had traded for a better bed i saw Ed in town Jo was here bought us some sausage Jo got my _________ i get a hair cut and shave got Harry a pair of overalls got a churn paid $2 85 for it i got #2 25 of coal 25 cents of black drought 50 cents of whiskey 50 cents of alekhall paid hawk 70 cents paid the furniture man 15 00 got some groceries

Page Nineteen John Braden's Diary

tuesday the 7th
i halled dung

wednesday the 8
to cold to work it was 26 be low zero

thursday 9
30 below this morning i went to town for coal got 3 dollars and 60 cents worth i met Ed up town helped barnes to put the hay rack on his waggon

friday 10th
Barnes got a piece of meat

saturday 11
35 below zero

sunday the 12
warmer to day home all day

monday 13
Halled corn and dung

tuesday 14
halled manure

wednesday the 15
i went up to joes to help him butcher i give Ed back the watch for 75 cents and a fiddle bo

thursday 16
grace came out to day i strung up Harry's fiddle

friday 17
we all went to town to day bought a load of furniture and two carpets got the boys a little waggon we spent about 55 dollars 11 for the dresser and comode 7 for the cubbord 12 50 carpets 75 oil cloth 1 80 curtains 1 75 waggon 1 50 springs 1 50 baby bed i paid the store 7 72 got me some sweatters i bought my fiddle home i gave Ed the watch for the fiddle bo.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Everyday Stuff

Today I had my dentist appointment for a cleaning. Not my favorite thing to do. I once was quoted saying, I would rather have minor surgery then go to the dentist! I have changed my opinion, but I am still not happy about going. Before the dentist Debbie came over. Her son Tom is back in school and we are free to start our walking again. Although I would rate exercise right along with the dentist, I am always glad when we are done. Plus the added bonus is I actually get to see Debbie 3 or 4 times a week now until all the school breaks or it is below zero.

Younger son had his music lesson today. He is really playing well lately. Maybe it is some maturity in his playing. It's nice to sit and listen to the lessons. It's usually when I take the time to read the newspaper.

Older son is very happy, he is off of school Thursday and only has one class Friday. So that meant he could go out after work with his friends. Usually it gets too late with school the next day.

Monday the kids and I went to see Rush Hour 3. We loved it! We have just recently seen 1 and 2. Younger son finished up 2 right before we saw it. Then we did some shopping and came home. We have been watching the first season of Till Death and enjoying that too.

I am waiting for the temperatures to be in the 60's and wanting to open up the windows and get some fresh air in here. We are in the 90's most of the week still. Soon!

Page Eighteen John Braden's Diary

fryday 3
went to town bought me a fir overcoat $15 Dol give Ed two dolars for his watch

Saturday 4
i went to town to see about a farm went to mas for dinner Harry came home with me he went to granmas friday i paid John for the plow and Harnessy 7 dollars when i got my chores done i went up to joes to help him put his new _ange up

sunday the 5th
Jo and his family came down to day Jo and mr girng from st__m _aze and i went down to mr fereils got dinner then we went to Al parks we went and looked at the farm that i am trying to get

monday the 6th
i went with Jo down to Ed ferrils to get a Bull i havent got a place yet i stopped at mas i got flax to drive over to Eds i got 3 letters one from ida one from sterins and one that was returned to us

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Page Seventeen John Braden's Diary

tuesday the 24
i went to town to get a load of coal i lost a half day

wednesday the 25
i went to a sail with Jo B and harley auadon i bought a cow give 29 doll and 40 cents for her i loose two days

thursday26 cold and windy

friday the 27
Jo and i went this afternoon to look at a farm i lost this afternoon

saturday the 28
i lost a half a day helped Jo to drive his cows home i bought a cow from lee paid $27 for her

sunday 29
John is sick it is trying to snow

monday the 30
i and grace went to town i got $2 10 cents of coal got some d_ys for john jo b kids was here all night

tuesday the 31
John and Ella was here

wednesday feb first
i went with Jo to a sail bought a horse and a set of Harrness i lost the day i paid $38 for the mare

thursday 2
Ed i butchered two hogs they weighed 550 Jo and Ed and John Helped Butcher tore nail off of my thumb

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Page Sixteen John Braden's Diary

friday 20
i went to look at a place today stopped at mas Harry went with me i got him a pair of overalls and me a pair of socks I got me a pair of boots $3.00 a can of baking powders and a stand 50 cents i gave Harry 5 cents got 25 cents of raisins credit i put $170.00 in the bank

saturday 21
i went to town i lose the day went down to mas for dinner met Jo B came home with him Jo and wife came down after supper i got wife a pair of overshoes i paid Jo B $6.00 i loned him 10 and a half lbs of beef

sunday 22
we all went up to mas to day

monday the 23
cut willows wife rote pa

Monday, September 03, 2007

Geneology Post

I know this site was made for my fellow flat travelers, but I am taking a moment out of my traveling journal to post a little about genealogy. I started gathering information about 25 years ago. I just used what I found in my family for the most part. I was very fortunate my grandparents on my dad's side had lots of old pictures and stories. My grandmother knew a lot about my grandfather's side. He was not a big talker about his family. Then came work and kids and I haven't done more then pull it out every few years and look it over and put it away.

Fast forward to me doing the cookbook project. I was determined to put a little family tree chart in the cookbook along with pictures. You guessed! Out came all the family tree stuff and old pictures. It started out simple. Find some older pictures of my grandparents and confirm what I know on the family tree. Now a few weeks later I reprinted pictures and had them framed, started putting entries of John Bradens diary up and the biggie, I joined I have been on that site 8 to 12 hours a day for about 4 days. I though I would list the names I am researching in case any real genealogist search blogs for names.

My friend Tom is a serious genealogist. He has done amazing research and travel in his quest to find information. He had to do most of it the hard way, before computers had such access to records. He has given me links and information on where my family came from and has always translated any German documents I have had. I never was big on history until it related to our family. Luckily he knows so much about history, he can put me in the right direction. I will post now and then the amazing things I have found on line. If anyone is interested in seeing our family tree, just e-mail or leave a message and I will invite you to our site.

Here are some of the names I am researching....

On the kids dad's side

That's it for now! Have a great weekend! We are off to the show.

Page Fifteen John Braden's Diary

friday 13
mr lee and i halled straw 7 loads it has been very warm the snow is a bout all gone wife is a little better i wrote to george to night

saturday 14
i helped spay the heiffers and halled straw and hay

sunday 15
i went down town to day went to johns for dinner

monday the 16
i halled manure and shaucked shack corn Ed and john was here grace went home with them

tuesday 17 i went and got a boar

wednesday 18
i halled hogs for coal John came down and Brought grace home ma went home with him

thursday 19
John and Ed came down and we butcherd t 131 lb i took the beef in town for lee i got one quarter it came to 5 dollars i settled with lee i owe him $129 i got 200 00 from ma paid my store bill paid the furniture man i sold the boys a jar of lard it weighed 45 lbs

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Page Fourteen John Braden's Diary

thursday 5th
i snapped corn to day in the afternoon

friday the 6
John and Ed was here to day i snapped corn all day

saturday the 7
Joes boys was here to day Ed came out and got ma took her to town cora is sick the boys is not well wife is sick two

sunday the 8
i went to town after ma i took ____ in to Ed i got some medicine

monday 9
snapping corn is the order

tuesday the 10
a big frost cloudy all day wife is sick yet

wednesday the 11th
we got done snapping corn

thursday the 12
grace and i went to town took ma load of cobs brought out a load of coal i got two dollars from ma and $1.00 from lee got me a pair of over alls i got some groceries it rained all day me was down to johns a while played the fiddle Ed played the mandalin

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Happy September 1st!

Hard to believe summer is fading away and fall is on the way! The nights here are starting to reflect that. School work is well under way. We are getting a jump start this year so we don't have to worry about anything while we go on vacation in November. Our goal this year is to be done with all school books by the first week of May.

I have been working on a wonderful site called Since I have been working on geneology this last few weeks getting it ready for the cookbook, I though I would check it out. I have not been off it in three days and joined for the year. If you have any interest in geneology it will pay to check it out! I have found so much information not only on my family, but the boys dad's side, my sister in-laws mother's side, and my sister's in-laws side. It has all the census records for viewing up until the 1930 census, passengers lists, and it hooks you up to the millions also researching their lines. You can make family pages, put up pictures and stories and has many tools to use. Ok I am done :) I love to research things! I really have to just get back to the cookbook and start puting in all the recipes! I am hoping by Spring to go to press!

Besides that it has been fairly quiet here. Older son has school and work every day and younger son has been finishing up his work quickly and asking to go to the mall for war gaming. They have had a couple of contests going on, so I take him.

Older son is off work and school until Tuesday now, he is very happy! We will probably do something this weekend if I can pull myself away from the computer.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Page Thirteen John Braden's Diary

december tuesday 27th
i picked corn this afternoon lee came out this morning

Wednesday 28
i am on the sick list i mashed to of my fingers i went to town and got Ed to come home with me i got Eds coal

thursday 29
it is blowing and snowing Ed sprained his wrist Jo was here to day

friday the 30st
very cold

saturday 31st
28 below zerow we poped some corn

January the 1st (1899) new years day
wind in the south i did nothing mutch to day

monday the 2
i went to town got a load of coal got a letter from tom and effie tom sent me a pipe and the children and wife a present wee went down to barnes at night had oysters for supper played checkers

tuesday the 3 Ed

Wednesday the 4
i went to town this morning and got the folks took them back this afternoon brought ma and grace home with me got two dollars and a half from ma then i read lord hims choice 11 o clock and 20 minutes