Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Be Careful What You Ask For!

The old saying holds true. I was just saying I wish it would stay below freezing and get rid of all this mud. Well, yesterday afternoon into the evening the temperature here dropped 51 degrees! We had a high of 49 with lots of rain and mud. While we were at church last night the temperature dropped to -2 and blizzard like conditions. Wind chill was -32 degrees. From what I understand what makes a blizzard is winds blowing at least 35 mps for at least 3 hours. Our winds were going 40 miles an hour. The snow was swirling so much it looked like fog covering the streets. Visibility was about a quarter of a mile. I though it was more like a half block or so. I picked younger son up at the door thinking he might blow away, really. When we finally came home I had to walk out 20 pound dog. I held onto the leash really well :) This morning it is bitter cold, but the snow has stopped and besides drifting and blowing snow, we didn't get more then a couple of inches. The sun is out and it looks nice. Our Canadian travelers feel right at home! Although when I offered to take them with this morning to walk the dog they decided to stay in :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Midwest Homeschool Fine Arts Group

In case you would like to see the Fine Arts group my children participate in or would like more information about the group I am going to put the link up here. They just put a newer area up on up coming plays and events. I took a few of the newer pictures up on the blog at rehearsal last week and a couple from the last performances. I like the picture with the Santa hats :) I think I may have already posted that one on my blog.

Ok, I tried to link it, but I am having trouble with it so I will just put the address.

Rain Rain Go Away!

We have had two warm days in the 40's and 50's. All the snow has melted and has been replaced by mud. Not fun walking the dog. Today we reached our high already of 45 degrees with rain and it will be heading down to 20 degrees tonight turning to snow. So we are going back to the below freezing days.

It looks like we will all soon be healthy again :) Older son still has a little cold. Younger son is going back to the eye doctor again tomorrow. When he had his yearly check up the doctor found spots in one of his eyes. This time different then the eye desase he already has. So we will see what this new thing is tomorrow. Last week and the next couple are all filled with doctor, dentist, orthodontists, and the such. Younger son is slowly catching up on some school work from when he was sick.

As you can tell I am finishing up John Bradens journal. I am getting close to the end. I will be sorry to see it end!

Today younger son will have his music lesson and tonight we have a rehersal for a new contempary service our church is starting. Younger son is singing and older son is playing bongos. I of course will be taking pictures :) The service wont start until April.

I started taking pictures for our fine arts group too. I started a new Facebook page just for the fine arts pictures so anyone in the group can see the pictures and make copies. A few are on the blog that the fine arts group started.

So really not too much going on this month.

Page Seventy Two John Braden's Diary

sunday the 12
it rained hard this evening

monday the 13
paid store bill $3 99

tuesday the 14
Webester city carnivil

wensday the 15
i took the boys to the carnvel after supper

thursday the 16
dad was here to day pa & dickie took in the fair the foundry shut down for to day i keep the 3 small children at home the boys went with mama

friday the 17

saturday the 18
i don the L.M.F.G. co. chors the temester got heart i went up town after supper

Sunday the 19
i don the L.M.F.G. co. chors to day

Page Seventy One John Braden's Diary

thursday the 19
Verna & george was here to night it rained to day John is up stairs in bed asleep

August the 5 (must have been the 1st or 2nd)
I bought a suit of close last sunday Paid $16 50 for them i took my family out walking

friday the 3

saturday the 4
i went up towm met grace played the fiddle grace played the organ at smiths pa g came in staid all night brought a cat fish

sunday the 5
home all day

monday the 6
paid the store bill paid the rent

friday the 10
grace & tom was here for supper

saturday the 11 wife went up town to do some traiding she got $5 00 out of the bank dad was here got 3 watter melons dad staid all night

Page Seventy John Braden's Diary

saturdat the 7
working on end gates went up town after supper got medson milises nervine $1 00

sunday the 8
we all went a fishing this evening

monday the 9
pay day paid the store bill $13 32 came home rote to ma

sunday the 15
i went a fishing brooke my hook it rained hard to day pa g was here to stay all night

monday the 16
pay day i went up town paid the store bill $3 04 got shaved i get the chicago daly news since the 12 we got a letter from John & ella to day

Wensday the 18 mrs Brown & vernal came over Wife went with them over to mrs kenedys i went up town to get lard

Page Sixty Nine John Braden's Diary

monday the 11
was payday i went up town paid the store bill $3 48

tuesday the 12
i dident go to work as i am sick

sunday the 17
i was sick all week pa sold us 14 lbs of cat fish last week marrion has gon

sunday July the first
Barneses & ferlls was here to day & pa gatton

monday the 2nd
was pay day i paid the store $7 00 marrion went to shariton to night

tuesday the 3rd
working on end gates

Wensday the 4
staid home all day

thursday the 5
working on end gates

friday 6
working on end gates

Page Sixty Eight John Braden's Diary

thursday 24
i Heart my finger on the emry wheal

friday the 25
i poot up 8 mills 5# 1 & 3# 2 i was painting to day this after noon the old cow got out mr Brown got her up mr B came in this evening to look at the cow he says he would sell her to morrow if he could

sunday the 10 of June
well i will skip some in my drerie i got $20 00 for my cow i hav had 2 pay days since i roat marron gatton is boarding with us i drove the dray team last week & toar up my side walk pa. g. was here to day marrion went home with him i shaved my mustashe last week

Page Sixty Seven John Braden's Diary

Note- This one page was done in someone else's handwriting. It sounds like John Braden's writing so it may have been dictated. The writing looks like a girl wrote it and used a little punctuation and some capitol letters.

monday 14
marion went home this morning. This is pay day I payed the store bill $8.13

Tuesday 15
I drew $10 from the bank. paid the feed bill $3.10 paid Edgar $1 00

Saturday the 19
went down town and got shaved Pa G. came home with me.

Sunday the 20
wife and I went walking in the afternoon.

Monday 21
this is hay day paid the store bill $4.78

Tuesday 22
Vernal helped me plant the potatoes.

Wednesday 23
set out some tamotoes. I put the irons on 46 parts of end gates. put up 2 little mills

Page Sixty Six John Braden's Diary

friday the 4
nothing unusial today

saturday the 5
Wife not very well Pa was in & brought us a mess of fish he ordered some feed for me

sunday the 6
i cleaned House to day & looked for a girl but did not find one

monday the 7
pay day it rained last night & to day & is raining still i engaged a cullard girl to work for us she will come wensday i Paid the Dr $5 00

i run the engin till noon painted after noon

sunday the 13
wife is able to do her work i dident get a girl marion came to day with pa g i rote to aunt mary little Brion is not very well i saw Jo Barns they have nother boy

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Page Sixty Five John Braden's Diary

wensday the 2th
Wife is better she got up to day

thursday 3
i went to work today wife isent able to work to do the work Pa Gatton telifined out to georges for the gass_ban stove they said all right Pa sent the drug after it and ida would not let the drug man have it with out the money so i did not get it but had to pay the drug man just the same Pa went home to day i went uptown after supper to see the Dr

Page Sixty Four John Braden's Diary

monday the 30
wife is not eny better i staid home to day painted the kitchen mrs Brown & Mrs Bain helped to do the work to day i went after the doctor dr Pond then i went to the drug store for medsin tlifined to ida for pa to come out george was here a little while i met edgar i got $10 00 out of the bank i paid my rent $7 50 got a wash pan got some turpentine a box of adabasteen 60 cents got the Boys a ball & some marbles got some beef & crakers baking powders & a nise glass dish

tuesday the first of May
Pa gatton came in to day wife is no better Dr Pond called twiste i gave medsin all night last night & will to night till 12 oclock then pa will take my place i got $10 00 out of the bank to day grace & Hattie was here this evening Washed up the dishes i went up town to night for medson olso at noon i heart my thumb

Page Sixty Three John Braden's Diary

thursday the 26
i was laid of to day

friday the 27
i went up town this after noon i got me a hat $2 75

saturday the 28
i went up town after dinner came home at 4 oclock wife went up & i staid with the babys i got the boys a pair of pants $1 00 wife got some goods $6 00 she come home sick i went up town after supper got some _____ & miles nervin goods sasfarller $2 10

sunday the 29
mrs Brown & mrs Bain came over & got breakfast & washed up all the dishes wife is better this evening may came over & took the twins over to mrs brown i got dinner moved the Heating stove out i got my watch friday i had a je__ell poot in my watch
$1 50 i got $13 00 out of the bank

Monday, January 21, 2008

Milo and His Bone

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Page Sixty Two John Braden's Diary

sunday the 22
pa was here today i cleaned the barn out

monday the 23
the foundry shut down for to day i made garden till noon picked over the potatoes wint up town got $7 00 out of the bank got some dry goods got wife a pair of shoes

tuesday the 24
i wint to work in the foundry again today i went up town after supper paid my store bill $4 49 got me a pair of drawers & a pair of gloves we got a letter from John gatton marrion gatton came here this evening mrs Brown & miss Kinsman was here tonight

Wensday the 25
marrion went to aldon

A Note About the John Braden Diary

I should post every so often what this diary is and dates to let some one just coming to the blog know what these pages are and who wrote it.

John Braden is my great great grandfather. He was born December 19, 1864 in Illinois. He started this diary when he moved to Webster City, Iowa in 1898. The diary spans over a year with a few entries after.

I though since I am putting John Braden's diary on here, it might be a good idea to put some information about his family here too. I was just writing this last entry and looked at some of the dates I have that he wrote in the back of his diary and realized his wife, Lucina would at this time be pregnant with what will be twins. She also has a one year old (she will be my great grandmother) along with a 7 year old boy and a 4 year old boy when we left off in May of 1899. The twins will be born in October of 1899. I do wish I would have Lucina's thoughts on paper too. I am thankful for the diary I have, but it just peeks my curiosity about Lucina life. Here below is the information John wrote in the back of his diary.

John Braden was born in the year of 1864 December the 19th
Lucina Gatton was born in the year of 1867 November the 11th
Lora May Braden was born in the year 1891 of May the 4th
Harry Vanburen Braden was born in the year of 1892 September the 25th
John Young Braden was born in the year of 1895 June the 26th
Cora A. Braden was born in the year of 1898 June the 29th
Ray B. and Fay G. Braden were born in the year of 1899 October the 19th
Dorothy J. Braden was born in the year of 1902 July the 17th

Lora May Braden died May 26, 1893
Fay Gatton Braden died October the 15, 1900

Sadly it looks like when he wrote this diary they had already lost one child. They lose Fay just under a year after she was born.

Eagle Scout to The Recue!

I must say it is handy having two boy scouts around for unexpected events around the house!I am sure both boy could save a life, rescue a person drowning, set up camp, make a great fire, cook (if threatened), and numorous other useful things they have learned as boy scouts. Today the skill most meeded was knot tying and I didn't even realize it.

Let me start by saying many of you know we live in a small place with a very small kitchen. I have one mini counter where I do dishes and that's it. So when we have rolls for dinner I prop the pan on top of the range with the lip of the pan under the brick on our walls. I know, but it works for us. Today I was cleaning up dinner and putting left overs away when I dropped a roll behind the stove. Most people would just pull the oven out and clean behind it, no problem. We had a problem! Our stove is in so tight and the kitchen is so small we just couldn't pull it out. So my Eagle Scout said just a minute and went to get a stick we keep in their bedroom window so it can't be opened from the outside. He used a clove hitch knot and attached a fork to it. The first try the stick was too short. Then I remembered we had two wooden larger sticks we used for a first aid merit badge awhile back (ok, from years ago but I hardly ever throw out anything!) Older son used younger sons trusty rope (all boy scouts have a trusty rope) again and attached the fork on to it with a clove hitch knot again. What was I doing you ask as my two sons try to recue a roll from behind the stove so we don't end up with little critters? Yep, I grabbed the camera :) The following pictures really tell the story better :)

First Try

Longer Stick, Same Fork :)

Will It Work This Time?

He Has It!


My Parents New Dog Ruthie

Monday, January 07, 2008

The Christmas Tree is Down

We are all done taking down all the Christmas decorations and they are all back in our shed. Christmas alone is the reason we can't ever buy a smaller car! We only had the tree and village up with a few odds and ends this year and it was still two trips to the shed. When we put up outside stuff we end up with 3 or 4 trips and some of the boxes are big enough not to fit in a normal size car. The living room always looks so big after the holidays.

We were taking the tree down and older son was going to meet a friend at the show, so we had a limited amount of time he would be helping us. I didn't want to turn it into a two day event, so we took all the ornaments off the tree and put them on a long table so we could get the tree and village down before older son left and younger son and I planned on then putting the ornaments away after.

We were ready for the tree. Older son was in a hurry so didn't smush the branches together really well. It was about three times fuller then the bag we needed to get it into. So we laid it in the bag and all three of us pushed and pulled, flattened the tree a little more held the zipper together, pulled some more, laid on the bag, zipped a little more pulled a lot more and it was in! Yeah, we were all so happy. Older son was going to take it out to the car when he left just to clear the living room out a little and throw it in my car. As he started to leave he realized his phone was not on his belt. So he grabbed the home phone and called his cell as he tends to do a couple of times a week. Guess what started ringing? Yep, the tree! While we were pushing and pulling his phone must have fell off his belt. We had to unzip the monster tree dig his phone out of the top of the bag and redo the whole thing. Luckily we all found this to be more funny then annoying and a great story to tell my sister who is amused by just about anything we all do :) Now I wish I would have taken a couple of pictures :)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Flat Brothers on Their Way to South Korea

Flat Brothers with our Flat Friends

Our Traveler is off to South Korea

We have a new traveler going out for the New Year. We made a brothers flat traveler to send to South Korea. It is for a classroom in South Korea. We are receiving one of theirs at the end of the month.

This last week we have been home a lot. Younger son has been sick since the 30th so we have stayed home. Tomorrow is the auditions for the Spring play. He definitely wants to make that. The play is As You Like It by Shakespeare. He is trying out for the part of Orlando. He is so happy the play will be after we get back from vacation in May. We thought it might be when we would be gone, so we are all relieved. Now we just have to find out about the band concert.

It is going to be hard to get back to our schedules! Staying up late and getting up late has been nice. Normally I never get more then 6 hours sleep and this week I am all caught up! Tomorrow we are going to start taking down the tree and decorations.

Hope everyone is enjoying the New Year so far :)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

First pictures of the New Year taken right after midnight.