Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Page Sixteen John Braden's Diary

friday 20
i went to look at a place today stopped at mas Harry went with me i got him a pair of overalls and me a pair of socks I got me a pair of boots $3.00 a can of baking powders and a stand 50 cents i gave Harry 5 cents got 25 cents of raisins credit i put $170.00 in the bank

saturday 21
i went to town i lose the day went down to mas for dinner met Jo B came home with him Jo and wife came down after supper i got wife a pair of overshoes i paid Jo B $6.00 i loned him 10 and a half lbs of beef

sunday 22
we all went up to mas to day

monday the 23
cut willows wife rote pa


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