Friday, September 21, 2007

Long Night/Day

While I was waiting for older son to call and let me know he was on his way home from work I got a slightly different call. He called to say he was done working, but UPS is sending him by taxi to the clinic because he twisted his ankle. No problem, he hit his finger once before and they also sent him there, paid him for the time he was at the clinic and the cab took him back to work and he came home. This time after telling his boss about his ankle he also mentioned he was a little light headed and his stomach started to hurt as he was trying to walk of the twisted ankle. He decided to go outside seeing if the fresh air made him feel better. Well, he sat in a chair and the next thing he remembers is being face down on the cement and coming to. He passed out again. He does this every now and then. Unfortunately he banged up the side of his face by his eye and a has a few cuts. When he went back in no one was too much worried about his ankle, they ended up sending him for a head injury. The first clinic the cab driver pulled up to was the wrong one, the second clinic was the right one but after finding out he had a head injury the sent him to a hospital close to where we are. He didn't call again until he was already in the emergency room I met him there about 12:30am and we just came home at 5:30am. They were more worried about his heart then his head and all older son wanted to do was go home and forget about it. They did a neurological exam that was normal, x-rayed his ankle and did an EKG. Since he had a much more extensive work up last year for a similar problem we pretty much knew he was ok unless something changed this year. Everything came back fine. His ankle is just sprained and a little swollen, but then so is his face and eye. He is released to go back to work tomorrow. We then had to drive to his job to pick up his car and drive back home. I am just thankful we made it home. We were both way too tired to drive.

You may be wondering why I am still up typing this :) Well we both took showers and older son went to bed and I got dressed for the day because we have our condo sprayed once a month by Orkin and he will be here in 2 and a half hours! I also have to call my friend and tell her I am not walking at 8:50 this morning since I would fall over! I am planing on going to lay down for awhile at 8:30. Today my niece and I were going to go out, but I think that will have to wait until Saturday.


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