Saturday, September 01, 2007

Happy September 1st!

Hard to believe summer is fading away and fall is on the way! The nights here are starting to reflect that. School work is well under way. We are getting a jump start this year so we don't have to worry about anything while we go on vacation in November. Our goal this year is to be done with all school books by the first week of May.

I have been working on a wonderful site called Since I have been working on geneology this last few weeks getting it ready for the cookbook, I though I would check it out. I have not been off it in three days and joined for the year. If you have any interest in geneology it will pay to check it out! I have found so much information not only on my family, but the boys dad's side, my sister in-laws mother's side, and my sister's in-laws side. It has all the census records for viewing up until the 1930 census, passengers lists, and it hooks you up to the millions also researching their lines. You can make family pages, put up pictures and stories and has many tools to use. Ok I am done :) I love to research things! I really have to just get back to the cookbook and start puting in all the recipes! I am hoping by Spring to go to press!

Besides that it has been fairly quiet here. Older son has school and work every day and younger son has been finishing up his work quickly and asking to go to the mall for war gaming. They have had a couple of contests going on, so I take him.

Older son is off work and school until Tuesday now, he is very happy! We will probably do something this weekend if I can pull myself away from the computer.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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