Monday, September 10, 2007


Monday's are usually harder to get up and get going, but I have been trying to sleep more and it is helping! Imagine if you sleep more you feel more awake! The only problem I am running into is I usually post and read a lot online instead of sleeping. Now I have to fit it into the day.

I had an interesting doctors appointment last Friday. I went in for my check up and ended up getting an pneumonia shot. I have to wait until the end of the month for the flu shot to come out. Now I have had this shot before. You get it every five years. I don't remember any problems last time just a little sore. This time by the time I left the office I couldn't move my arm. By the time I got home my arm swelled to golf ball size. By that evening the swelling went into my neck and shoulder. I did call the doctor and by midnight took her advice and took some Benedryl and put ice on it. I ended up doing that all weekend. Today I can finally raise my arm and although it is still a little sore it is manageable. I'm not sure I will want an other one in 5 years!

Yesterday we had a very nice day at my parents. My sister and brother were there and three people that my dad works with all came for dinner and fireworks. They had a carnival practically in their back yard. The kids all just ended up playing football with my brother in the backyard and not going to the carnival. Older son brought his lap top computer to show my parents the site since they are not on line.

Milo was so happy to see us when we came home. I don't like leaving him too long, but since they were having fireworks we had to keep him home. I took a lot of fireworks pictures trying to figure out the best setting. On the fourth of July I took some on auto and night scene, not knowing I had a fireworks setting on the camera. I brought the tripod too. I want to start using the manual setting more, but need to learn more about that first.

I am going to post a couple of the fireworks pictures here. The rest are on my FlickR account.


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