Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St Patricks Day!

Happy St Patricks Day!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

It 's Really Me :)

Time sure has been getting away from me lately! We all were sick for a week at a time and younger son had it twice. We all seem better now. I watched so many movies the last month I lost track of which ones. I rented several right before the awards and watched them. The kids and I have seen a couple in the theater too. This week end younger son wants to see Amazing Grace. Older son has seem a few movies with friends too. He saw 23 and that is one of the ones I am interested in seeing, but at home. It seems just a little too scary on the big screen.

Younger son is studying his lines for the play coming up in May. I am trying to work on the costumes. He needs a German Officers uniform and another change that I have to look at again. He just challenged the trumpet player in the seat ahead of him at band. Next Wednesday he will be playing the challenge so he is practicing that too. We are also working on his Graduation/Confirmation things for April first. He says he feels stressed. I told him he is welcomed to skip anything he feels is too much. He said no thank you :) He isn't a big fan of writing and I told him he has to give a speech at his Graduation/Confirmation party. We are doing a little graduation ceremony for him the day he makes his Confirmation. It is a family tradition to have the party together for both. My sister is planning something "special" for him since the date is April Fools Day! One of his first comments was I wonder what Aunt Chris is going to do to me since it is on April Fools Day.

This year for Easter I decided to make the boys a decoupage boxes instead of Easter baskets. I put pictures up to show you how they turned out. Half way through I almost gave up and tossed them :) I am still pealing glue from my fingers! When I went to the doctor last week she suggested getting a hobby :) I have many, but haven't been interested in doing much lately. So that is one of the reason I made the boxes. I also made my sister hot plate holders for her coming birthday. The kids made her some a couple of years ago and the are really warn out. She has been asking for new ones for a long time. It is so simple. You staple two pieces of felt around a readers digest and then put ribbon over the staples to cover it. That gives it a framed look. You can then decorated it with other felt pieces. I made two blue ones for her everyday use and 4 with fall colors for Thanksgiving. She always has Thanksgiving and uses them all the time.

I decide to start painting. I'm not sure what to even paint, so the supplies are sitting here. After a couple of attempts at drawing on a sketch pad, I am going with abstract for the canvas! I think it will just be fun to experiment.

Today Younger son and I went to a local university and saw a kids show. It was The Bernstein Bears Live. He isn't so much interested in the actual play, as seeing how the actors put on a play for young audiences. It was lively! There were hundreds of kids from preschool age to about second grade. We were right in the middle of them all in box seats. They wanted us out of the way so the could seat the classes together. Tomorrow we are looking forward to seeing State Fair at a local high school. There plays are usually wonderful and musicals are one of younger sons favorites.

Well, its time to get off and try and sleep. Maybe it's menopause or stress, but sleep is not something my body wants to do until the alarm goes off or the dog needs to be walked! Have a great weekend!


Friday, March 09, 2007

Inside the Decoupage Boxes

Decoupage Boxes

My Mom on Her Birthday