Monday, September 24, 2007

Page Thirty Two John Braden's Diary

sunday the 11
i slept most all day Tom grace & Hatty was here a little while

monday the 12
i fed the cattle halled about 15 bu of corn over to the hogs got the plow & made a copple of sweet potatoes rows halled 2 loads of corn & one load of mamure after dinner i halled 3 loads of manutre & claud helped me to foot out 200 sweet potatoe plants i took my mare to the horse & bread her it looks like it would storm to night i got a dollar from george

tuesday the 13
nell had a coalt this after noon topsy had one last night it rained hard last night i halled 3 loads of dung & ground some feed lee came out to try to get topsys colt to suck tom & grace came out stayed all night

wensday the 14
george came home this morning i halled 10 loads of manure john came out after ma tom & grace went home topsys colt diyde it rained again last night cora is not very well


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