Friday, September 07, 2007

Page Nineteen John Braden's Diary

tuesday the 7th
i halled dung

wednesday the 8
to cold to work it was 26 be low zero

thursday 9
30 below this morning i went to town for coal got 3 dollars and 60 cents worth i met Ed up town helped barnes to put the hay rack on his waggon

friday 10th
Barnes got a piece of meat

saturday 11
35 below zero

sunday the 12
warmer to day home all day

monday 13
Halled corn and dung

tuesday 14
halled manure

wednesday the 15
i went up to joes to help him butcher i give Ed back the watch for 75 cents and a fiddle bo

thursday 16
grace came out to day i strung up Harry's fiddle

friday 17
we all went to town to day bought a load of furniture and two carpets got the boys a little waggon we spent about 55 dollars 11 for the dresser and comode 7 for the cubbord 12 50 carpets 75 oil cloth 1 80 curtains 1 75 waggon 1 50 springs 1 50 baby bed i paid the store 7 72 got me some sweatters i bought my fiddle home i gave Ed the watch for the fiddle bo.


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