Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Page Seventeen John Braden's Diary

tuesday the 24
i went to town to get a load of coal i lost a half day

wednesday the 25
i went to a sail with Jo B and harley auadon i bought a cow give 29 doll and 40 cents for her i loose two days

thursday26 cold and windy

friday the 27
Jo and i went this afternoon to look at a farm i lost this afternoon

saturday the 28
i lost a half a day helped Jo to drive his cows home i bought a cow from lee paid $27 for her

sunday 29
John is sick it is trying to snow

monday the 30
i and grace went to town i got $2 10 cents of coal got some d_ys for john jo b kids was here all night

tuesday the 31
John and Ella was here

wednesday feb first
i went with Jo to a sail bought a horse and a set of Harrness i lost the day i paid $38 for the mare

thursday 2
Ed i butchered two hogs they weighed 550 Jo and Ed and John Helped Butcher tore nail off of my thumb


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