Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This week is flying by! My niece is with us until Sunday. She works downtown even though she lives in an other state she is close enough to work in Chicago. I take her to the train in the morning and then start with our day. I took some pictures of her coming home today, because I thought it would be fun to get some train pictures. I forgot how loud the whistle blows as the train goes by, especially when you are standing close to the edge taking pictures!

Milo and my niece are bonding :) Usually Milo takes a long time to get to know someone, but with in a hour or so they were pals. He is lying right next to her on the couch as I am typing. She is reading magazines and showing him dog pictures she finds:) He usually never leaves my side. I am enjoying getting up without trying not to step on him!

Tomorrow is her last day of work for the week and then we will have three days to spend together. We still haven't decided what we want to do. Friday Younger son leaves for a camp out. Sunday older son and niece are going to a Cubs game. Then we are all going over to my mom's for my birthday. Younger son comes home early Sunday.

Younger son had his separators put in yesterday so he is a little sore. We thought we were done with the orthodontist, but his jaw moved back. So he is going to have to wear something again for a year. They are putting 8 crowns on his back teeth next week to hold the appliance in place. Fine arts started back up and is in full swing.

That's our update!


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