Monday, September 10, 2007

Page Twenty Three John Braden's Diary

friday 17
we had a big snow storm

saturday 18
halled straw all day

sunday 19
we all went to mas to day ma came home with us

monday 20
John came out to get the cow

tuesday 21
Ed came out

wednesday 22
Ed went home to day i halled 488 bundles of corn and cleaned out the stable

thursday 23
Ed and John and grace was here theay sold my gray mare and took flax home with them i left Ed have $5 00 i was sick

friday 24
am not much better

saturday 25
i went to town got some groceries got some oysters had a big dinner in honor of mas birth day better to day i am i put $30 00 in the bank on interest at 4 per cent for 3 months

sunday 26
was home all day reeding grace came out


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