Saturday, September 29, 2007

Page Thirty Six John Braden's Diary

July the 2nd
sunday the 2nd
i was home all day

monday the 3rd
i halled 5 loads of manure after dinner i plowed went to town after super

tuesday the 4th
we all went to town sellibrate had quite a time

wednesday the 5th
i plowed corn all day

thursday the 6th
we had a big rain storm last night we plowed one round it was to wet so i quit & went to town i rented a house for $6 00 a month Jo B was here when i got back home he got a load of oats from george

friday 7th
i ground feed for 1 our & then wint over to thorns hill to poot up hay mr Brown was over to see me a bout buying a cow i bought a cow from thorns hill for $32 00 last thursday 6th

saturday the 8th
i plowed till noon we got don plowing to day i traided the colt to george for to sows that will have some pigs in a day or to i took them to town i sold a fat sow for $7 52 i bought the garden W hore i am going to move for $6 i bought a pump & a padlock for $1 87 harry staid at grammas tonite


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