Sunday, September 16, 2007

Page Twenty Eight John Braden's Diary

wednesday 24
i plowed the potatoes and harowed to day

thursday 25
the painters was here to day to paint the barn i halled a load of manure moved feed boxes

friday 26
i halled 11 loads of dung

saturday may 27
i halled one load of dung then i got ready and we all went to town and down to mas i got a sewing mechine for $21 00 got a pair of gloves got Tom shod in front got some smoking tabaco Wife got some things then i went down to mas put the team in the barn John went up town with me we met Jed and had some cigars I met ____ chard stopped in smiths store and talked a while saw Jo b and frank _____ saw mr fernil and _______ got $40 00 out of the bank then wife and i went to mas to stay all night John and i went fishing a little while didnent get anything it rained awful hard most all night i read family story paper until a late ___


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