Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Page Thirty Three John Braden's Diary

thursday the 15
we plowed corn all day ____ went to town i sent for some tobacco & sugar

friday 16
i halled 4 loads of manure george & i drove his ma__ single this after noon & flowed some

saturday the 17
i settled with george i bought a cow from george for $41 00 wife went to town to get medsin for the baby plowed corn all day

sunday the 18
terbill hot all day i wnet to Johns be fore noon grace & tom was here i saw Jo B & ed ____ & family a young lady & ____ too had quite a runaway the girl came to the house for a while they run in the fence & was throwed out

monday 19
i growned feld till noon halled out a load of manure then went to plow it was offle hot we had to quit work


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