Monday, September 03, 2007

Page Fifteen John Braden's Diary

friday 13
mr lee and i halled straw 7 loads it has been very warm the snow is a bout all gone wife is a little better i wrote to george to night

saturday 14
i helped spay the heiffers and halled straw and hay

sunday 15
i went down town to day went to johns for dinner

monday the 16
i halled manure and shaucked shack corn Ed and john was here grace went home with them

tuesday 17 i went and got a boar

wednesday 18
i halled hogs for coal John came down and Brought grace home ma went home with him

thursday 19
John and Ed came down and we butcherd t 131 lb i took the beef in town for lee i got one quarter it came to 5 dollars i settled with lee i owe him $129 i got 200 00 from ma paid my store bill paid the furniture man i sold the boys a jar of lard it weighed 45 lbs


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