Friday, September 14, 2007

Page Twenty Six John Braden's Diary

wednesday 19

thursday 20
harowed in oats all day

friday 21

saturday 22
Halled hogs to town paid me store bill paid george $30 00 george settled up with me i got a pair of shoes

sunday 23 we all went to mas i took my cow and colt to mas i give ma $2 00 to get feed then we come home stop at Joes a while i got my rais__

monday 24
i put up a mail box planted georges potatoes get the ground ready for mine went to the log paid my dues

tuesday 25
grace come out to day i planted my potatoes

wednesday 26
grace was here to day i was farming today i harrowed this evening

thursday 27

friday 28

saturday 29
we went to mas at nite to a dance it rained we staid all night

sunday 30
was home all day flo_ has got a colt

saturday 6
wife went to town today grace came home with her i got 2 dollars from george

Sunday 7
grace went home to day wife is sick to nite


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