Friday, September 07, 2007

Page Twenty John Braden's Diary

Saturday 18
i halled hay all day

Sunday 19
home all day moved a bed upstairs played the fiddle

Monday 20
i took my cow down to monroes to the bull he charged me 7 50

tuesday the 21
i settled with lee i sold him the cow that he sold to me for 29 00

Wednesday the 22
Ed and grace came out we are cleaning home lee is papering i sent 3 65 to sterens to pay my dues

thursday 23
Ed went home to day we had a snow storm last night me cleaned the kitched to day

fryday 24
i went to town took in a bed i trad that i had traded for a better bed i saw Ed in town Jo was here bought us some sausage Jo got my _________ i get a hair cut and shave got Harry a pair of overalls got a churn paid $2 85 for it i got #2 25 of coal 25 cents of black drought 50 cents of whiskey 50 cents of alekhall paid hawk 70 cents paid the furniture man 15 00 got some groceries


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