Saturday, September 29, 2007

Page Thirty Four John Braden's Diary

tuesday the 20
plowed corn all day

wensday 21
i halled 3 loads of manure & grownd some feed till noon i went over & plowed corn for pringle this after noon lee bread to mars today we got our corn plowed over the second time to day

thursday the 22
i feed the cattle halled a load of corn & a load of oats growned some feed it rained till noon i took my old cow to Johns got $45 00 out of the bank to pay george i paid Jo Barns he owes me 20 cents i went up to Jo Bo John is sick to night

friday the 23
we shelled corn to day mrs Barnes was down a little while to day her horse got something the matter with it foot Jo came down after her

saturday the 24
i gatherd up all trash & ground feed until noon i weeded the garden i sold flax for $30 00 & a cow georges uncle was here


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