Sunday, September 02, 2007

Page Fourteen John Braden's Diary

thursday 5th
i snapped corn to day in the afternoon

friday the 6
John and Ed was here to day i snapped corn all day

saturday the 7
Joes boys was here to day Ed came out and got ma took her to town cora is sick the boys is not well wife is sick two

sunday the 8
i went to town after ma i took ____ in to Ed i got some medicine

monday 9
snapping corn is the order

tuesday the 10
a big frost cloudy all day wife is sick yet

wednesday the 11th
we got done snapping corn

thursday the 12
grace and i went to town took ma load of cobs brought out a load of coal i got two dollars from ma and $1.00 from lee got me a pair of over alls i got some groceries it rained all day me was down to johns a while played the fiddle Ed played the mandalin


At 6:34 PM, Anonymous swamp witch said...

Reading this is mesmorizing to me. $1.00 for overalls? The idea of snapping corn made me wheeze when I was little...allergic to the silks. I'm sneezing right now. Please tell me "wife" gets well.

At 9:09 PM, Blogger The Travelers Journal said...

I am so happy you are enjoying the diary. I was sad when he stopped writing. Not only did I enjoy reading about his everyday life, it was unbelievable thinking it was my great great grandfather writing it.

Bless you; I hope you have stopped sneezing by now :)

Wife does get better.

I have been working a lot on genealogy, now I am putting the names I have had with the story. It is just so amazing.


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