Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Page Twenty Four John Braden's Diary

monday 27
we dehorned the cattle i went to the lodge

tuesday 28
george and i cut the tops of some of the trees i uncovered the tanks

wednesday 29
trimming trees the boys went up to barnes grace went after them grace went home

thursday 30
i halled dung

friday 31st

saturday first of april
i went to towm after supper got some groceries

sunday 2
i hung up the meat Jo was here it has been snowing to day

monday 3
done the ordinary work John run in front of my pitch fork it scrateked him a little

tuesday 4
worked on the barn and halled dung

wednesday 5
george and i went to the sale the first cow and calf sold for $13 00 00 i stopped at mas got the papers got 3 letters and broke the buggy hing the sale was Edwards

thursday 6
i done the chores and halled dung loaded a load of hay


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