Saturday, September 29, 2007

Page Thirty Five John Braden's Diary

sunday the 25
we all went to town took the baby to the doctor we came home Jo Barnes kids was here lees folks was all out

monday the 26
i went to town to the log went to town got some coal & a pair of boots got a quarter from george got home at noon halled 15 loads of dung

tuesday the 27
i halled 9 loads of dung

wednesday the 28
i halled 9 loads of dung

thursday 29
i halled 8 loads of dung & plowed the taters John & ella came out got 31 lbs of lard

friday 30
wife went to town got the boys some close i got %5 00 from george i ground feed halled 3 loads of dung & one load of dirt to post in the barn

saturday the first of July
i halled to loads of corn & one load of oats & ground feed till noon went to town after noon & down to Johns


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