Monday, September 17, 2007

Page Twenty Nine John Braden's Diary

saturday 28
John and i went a fishing caught a few fish then we came home Mr lee was here when we got home my sow had pigs to day she has got 5

monday 29
i halled 10 loads of dung george went to town to get a feed grinder got our sewing machine i went to Jo B at night got 4 bushels of potatoes one bushel to plant

tuesday the 30
Halled 10 loads of dung after dinner george and i built a Buggy shed

wednesday 31
i halled 9 loads of dung and planted a bushels of taters i went to town and had two teeth pulled John got hurt on the head ma came home with me

thursday June the first
george and i halled 19 loads of manure

friday 2nd
wee halled 12 loads of dung to day it blowed up quite a storm this after noon george went to town i took the cow to the bull this was the last day of school there was some men stopped here out of the rain i played the fiddle for them


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