Thursday, September 06, 2007

Page Eighteen John Braden's Diary

fryday 3
went to town bought me a fir overcoat $15 Dol give Ed two dolars for his watch

Saturday 4
i went to town to see about a farm went to mas for dinner Harry came home with me he went to granmas friday i paid John for the plow and Harnessy 7 dollars when i got my chores done i went up to joes to help him put his new _ange up

sunday the 5th
Jo and his family came down to day Jo and mr girng from st__m _aze and i went down to mr fereils got dinner then we went to Al parks we went and looked at the farm that i am trying to get

monday the 6th
i went with Jo down to Ed ferrils to get a Bull i havent got a place yet i stopped at mas i got flax to drive over to Eds i got 3 letters one from ida one from sterins and one that was returned to us


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