Thursday, August 30, 2007

Page Eleven John Braden's Diary

monday the 12th
lee took the heater back and got a bigger one wife is better baby is cross

tuesday the 13
Ed came to day told me ma got her pension

wednesday the 14th
Ed went to town to day got me a smelter we got some letters a papers one letter from tom ____and one from stearns one from marion and one from ma

thursday 15th
we halled straw

friday 16th
we halled staw and hay lee sent a calf here paid____it

saturday 17th
Ed and i went to town i got 15 dollard from lee and i still owe him 13 dol and 90 cents i paid my store bill and paid for the high chair and got a rocking chair for $2.50 then we came home Jo and family was down to night i salted my meat weather is very fine now

Sunday the 18th
i went up to monroes got his gun but dident see anything to shute Harry shot one load out Jo and family stopped here to take Ed home with them i rote to ma and to tom


At 8:53 AM, Anonymous swamp witch said...

This is just like stepping back into my childhood and listening to my Papa talk about the day he had.


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