Friday, August 31, 2007

Page Twelve John Braden's Diary

monday 19
it was my birthday i am 34 years old i have got a very bad cold i am going to take a dose of saltz it has been raining some to day

tuesday the 20
i picked corn Ed was here this morning it is cloudy

wednesday the 21st
i picked corn to day got a letter from marion still cloudy

thursday the 22
a nice warm day i picked corn

friday 23
shucked corn till noon don the chores after noon

saturday the 24 christmas eve
i helped to take the cattle to town i got register letter saw Ed got a 10

christmas 25
i took a load of straw to town to bed the cars and help load the cattle

monday 26
wife and i went to town to day saw Ed ma left the children at barnes


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