Monday, February 02, 2009

And The Winner Is......

On Sunday I had a family party. I know it was Super Bowl Sunday and we did watch the game, but I had an Oscar party a few weeks early because it was when everyone could make it. I decorated some, made chili and hot dogs. We had a lot of fun. We had our own awards ceremony too. The winners are as follows....

Fastest Driver- older son (unfortunately)

Most Opinionated- my sister, she voted for me which I just can't understand how that could be, but that is just my opinion of course :)

Drinks Most Coffee- my brother in law

Most Likely to Throw Out Their Back Shoveling- my dad

Most Likely to Slip in the Tub- my mom

Most Competitive Playing Games- my nephew

Neatest Handwriting- my niece

Best Neighbor- my neighbor that joined us

Most Likely to Repeat Themselves- me, can you believe it!!

Most Likely to Repeat Themselves- me, can you believe it!!

Most Likely to Run for Office- younger son (he won his category by the most votes)

After the awards were done each winner was presented with a mini trophy and had a picture take with our big trophy. I didn't want Milo to feel left out so we voted him cutest dog :)


At 11:05 AM, Blogger Itchy Bits said...

What a fun idea! Milo looks like Boone. Boone has a short snout too. My husband keeps saying his nose needs to get bigger to match his body.


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