Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's Finally Down!

We finally have our tree down and put away!! With older son working two jobs (about 72 hours a week), time is hard to come by. So today we had a block of time to get it all down, packed up, and back to the storage shed. Younger son and I already did the outside of the house during the week and had the car packed up with that. As we were taking down the tree, I found one last ornament my brother has made us. It was a gift in 2005. I promise this will be the last ornament picture until at least November of this year!

Milo is very happy to have the living room back to normal too! He has much more room and the only chair he is allowed to be on was in the bedroom this whole time.

Older son's second job is full time. He has been there 5 or 6 weeks now and they have already asked him to stay on. He was hired temporarily for the holidays, but knew a larger super store was opening and this one was closing. He asked to be considered for security in the new store and just found out he has the position. The store is putting in a high tec security system and he will be learning that and working plain clothes. He was able to watch as a shop lifter was caught yesterday. He was in the room watching as the police were called and what the procedures are that he will follow. He is happy it is in his field. Younger son is now looking for a job too, but he is have a hard time finding something. Once he turns 17 he can work at UPS with older son, but he need something until then.

I just ordered younger son Saxton's Algebra 2. The curriculum we are using only went up to Algebra 1 and then gave him a business math this year. So as soon as the book arrives we will work on that until next Fall. I want him to get at least through Algebra 2 before taking his PSAT again or the ACT next Spring.


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