Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Be Careful What You Ask For!

The old saying holds true. I was just saying I wish it would stay below freezing and get rid of all this mud. Well, yesterday afternoon into the evening the temperature here dropped 51 degrees! We had a high of 49 with lots of rain and mud. While we were at church last night the temperature dropped to -2 and blizzard like conditions. Wind chill was -32 degrees. From what I understand what makes a blizzard is winds blowing at least 35 mps for at least 3 hours. Our winds were going 40 miles an hour. The snow was swirling so much it looked like fog covering the streets. Visibility was about a quarter of a mile. I though it was more like a half block or so. I picked younger son up at the door thinking he might blow away, really. When we finally came home I had to walk out 20 pound dog. I held onto the leash really well :) This morning it is bitter cold, but the snow has stopped and besides drifting and blowing snow, we didn't get more then a couple of inches. The sun is out and it looks nice. Our Canadian travelers feel right at home! Although when I offered to take them with this morning to walk the dog they decided to stay in :)


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