Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Page Sixty Seven John Braden's Diary

Note- This one page was done in someone else's handwriting. It sounds like John Braden's writing so it may have been dictated. The writing looks like a girl wrote it and used a little punctuation and some capitol letters.

monday 14
marion went home this morning. This is pay day I payed the store bill $8.13

Tuesday 15
I drew $10 from the bank. paid the feed bill $3.10 paid Edgar $1 00

Saturday the 19
went down town and got shaved Pa G. came home with me.

Sunday the 20
wife and I went walking in the afternoon.

Monday 21
this is hay day paid the store bill $4.78

Tuesday 22
Vernal helped me plant the potatoes.

Wednesday 23
set out some tamotoes. I put the irons on 46 parts of end gates. put up 2 little mills


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