Sunday, January 20, 2008

Eagle Scout to The Recue!

I must say it is handy having two boy scouts around for unexpected events around the house!I am sure both boy could save a life, rescue a person drowning, set up camp, make a great fire, cook (if threatened), and numorous other useful things they have learned as boy scouts. Today the skill most meeded was knot tying and I didn't even realize it.

Let me start by saying many of you know we live in a small place with a very small kitchen. I have one mini counter where I do dishes and that's it. So when we have rolls for dinner I prop the pan on top of the range with the lip of the pan under the brick on our walls. I know, but it works for us. Today I was cleaning up dinner and putting left overs away when I dropped a roll behind the stove. Most people would just pull the oven out and clean behind it, no problem. We had a problem! Our stove is in so tight and the kitchen is so small we just couldn't pull it out. So my Eagle Scout said just a minute and went to get a stick we keep in their bedroom window so it can't be opened from the outside. He used a clove hitch knot and attached a fork to it. The first try the stick was too short. Then I remembered we had two wooden larger sticks we used for a first aid merit badge awhile back (ok, from years ago but I hardly ever throw out anything!) Older son used younger sons trusty rope (all boy scouts have a trusty rope) again and attached the fork on to it with a clove hitch knot again. What was I doing you ask as my two sons try to recue a roll from behind the stove so we don't end up with little critters? Yep, I grabbed the camera :) The following pictures really tell the story better :)


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