Sunday, January 27, 2008

Page Sixty Four John Braden's Diary

monday the 30
wife is not eny better i staid home to day painted the kitchen mrs Brown & Mrs Bain helped to do the work to day i went after the doctor dr Pond then i went to the drug store for medsin tlifined to ida for pa to come out george was here a little while i met edgar i got $10 00 out of the bank i paid my rent $7 50 got a wash pan got some turpentine a box of adabasteen 60 cents got the Boys a ball & some marbles got some beef & crakers baking powders & a nise glass dish

tuesday the first of May
Pa gatton came in to day wife is no better Dr Pond called twiste i gave medsin all night last night & will to night till 12 oclock then pa will take my place i got $10 00 out of the bank to day grace & Hattie was here this evening Washed up the dishes i went up town to night for medson olso at noon i heart my thumb


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