Monday, August 27, 2007

Page Eight John Braden's Diary

tuesday the 15th
i got two loads of corn lee eat dinner here we had chicken for dinner John is pretty sick

wenesday 16
i got to loads of corn i helped lee catch some chickens lee paid me 19 dollars to i owe him 8 __ yet

thursday 17
i got two loads of corn lee got me 19 __bb of coal

friday the 18
i got two loads of corn

saturday 19
i got two loads of corn went to town at night done some trading and setteled with the store and with the furniture store got a high chair 125 credit got a set of irons $1.00 cash got two letters one from Ed and ma one from Effie and tom

sunday the 20
Mr lee came out this morning and again to night John is quite sick i filled a bed thick good night

Monday the 21 st
it Snowed and Blowed a regular blizzard

tuesday the 22
a terrible Snow storm last night the snow was piled up 4 or 5 feet deep lee came out after dinner clear to night and cold


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