Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We Begin With Page One Jonh Bradens First Entery

Webster City iowa

i John Braden was born in illinois macon co 19th day december 1864 will indever to rite a diary from the time i came to iowa about the last of august 1898. i hired to jo Barnes to work a month for $18.00 my wife came here on the 22 of september she staid at Barneses with me for three weeks thers i hired to E K lee & on friday october the 14 1898 i moved my goods to lees farm in the morning jo & i took -- -- of for a tow to Webster city & i got some grocries $15.00 of stove pipe & 3 beds paid &6.50 for them Jo brought us to lees farm we set up the stove i had to borrow some salt to get sulfer i borrowed some meat of Jo I played the fiddle for the children filled a bed ---

There is the first entry. I know without punctuation it is harder to read, but I am copying it as is.


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