Sunday, August 26, 2007

Page Seven John Braden's Diary

Wednesday the 9 of november
i got two loads of corn today lee was here for dinner it was cloudy all day snowed some Harry is some better i rote to tom

thursday the 10
i got two loads of corn lee was here for dinner barnes kids brought us some meat it was a nice clear day

friday the 11
i got two loads of corn lee eat dinner here wife sent some letters to town this is wifes birthday 32 years old i played the fiddle for the boys to dance to night

sunday the 13
we had quite a snow storm was home all day we poped some corn

monday 14
it was a Bad morning i got one load of corn dident shuck in the after noon Banked up the water tanks lee eat dinner with us John was sick to day i got some clippings good night


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