Thursday, August 23, 2007

Page Three & Page Four of John Braden's Diary

wednesday oct the 19 got some salt

cloudy all day i done the usual work Laid my first tile to day snaped a load of corn ditched most all day got some groceries Boilers one dollar and 75 cents. good night

thursday 20th

Butcherd a hog to day finished the ditch halled straw picked up corn for the hogs cloudy snowed some Mr ferel brought our things home friday the 21st picked up a load of corn shucked a load of corn 5 cents of salt _____ 15 cents of peper made sausage
loned lee one side of meat cloudy all day good night

saturday 22 shucked corn to day my hands got awful sore good night

sunday oct 23 1898

done the work come in and shaved went up to Barnes got more salt and got some beans and popcorn and two heads of cabbage ____ the hog at 275 pounds took _______ salt home Barnes came home with me me paid him back his _______ i met mr and mrs lee on their way home theay had been at my house. good night Monday 24 shucked 2 loads of corn lee took dinner with us to day good night oct 25 tuesday i shucked 2 loads of corn cold and windy lee dined with us to day good night

wednesday 26 lee took dinner with us to day i shucked 2 loads of corn it was a nice sun shining day got a letter from effie she sent the pictures to us george got me a pair of finger stalls 15 cents and one bar of tar soap good night


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