Monday, December 10, 2007

Page Fifty Nine & Sixty John Braden's Diary

friday the 30
i got a letter from uncle John Braden in reguards to the estate i signed a relece & sent it to him

saturday the 31
i went up town

sunday the first of April/1900
i fixed the pump

monday the 2
pay day i went up town paid ____ 35 cents for gloves i got a $1 10 worth of feed from pringle

monday the 9th/1900
was pay day i went to the log John & ed came down John & ed wint with me up town John went to the log ed g & ed B went a way on the train for the east i loned john g $2 00

tuesday the 10
uncle John sent me my part of the esstate $231 19 the esstate was settled up the 9th of April 1900 i went up town after supper i went up to the bank at noon & signed the recipt for my money i drawed $31 19 out of the bank i paid the Hearld for my paper paid pringle $3 30 got a draft for aunt mary for $11 00

wensday the 11th
I went up town after supper got the boys a hat a peice got John a pair of pants

thursday the 12
i went up town after supper i got $2 00 worth of medcin

friday the 13
i rote aunt mary & lent her the draft for $11 00 i run the engin to day

saturday the 14
i went up town after supper paid the store $12 78 got a shave got $3 50 from John got to boxas of pills 25 cents got 5 cents of soap


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