Friday, December 07, 2007

Page Forty Nine & Fifty John Braden's Diary

friday the 20
the dr called this morning i paid him $8 00 i got $6 00 from ma wife and the twins are doing very well

saturday the 21
i went to toms & played the fiddle got $1 75 Harry went with me

sunday the 22
mamro brought my mare home yesterday i went up town a little while Joe B brought me some sorgern molases

monday the 23
Hattie Hopkins came to work for us a week i got paid to night $6 12

tuesday the 24
i took a bath Hatty went home last night so i gess ma will do the work now

wensday the 25

thursday the 26

friday the 27
i workd 4 ours to night

saturday the 28
wife got up today i went to a dance at John gattons i got $2 85 for playing the fiddle

sunday the 29
i helped torny to move the piano

monday the 30
this is pay night i got $8 25 i paid my store bill $6 32 i took a team to board at $3 50 pr week

tuesday the 31
John gatton brought me 2 _____ of ____

Wednesday first of nov
i play ed the fiddle for a dace at charle Joneses i got $2 00

thursday the 2

friday the 3

saturday the 4
i played the fiddle horse boards $3 50

sunday the 5
Jo Barnes came in & i went out in the country to ed ferls with him

monday the 6
was pay day i got $7 50

tuesday the 7
was lexion day

wensday the 8

thursday the 9

friday the 10
i got a load of hay from Jo barnes i am to pay him $1 50 for it the man that had his team in the barn is going a way he give me an order for $5 50 on the railroad Co for board for the team i worked 3 ours to night & 3 ours last night & 1 our night be fore last


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