Saturday, December 08, 2007

Page Fifty One John Braden's Diary

saturday the 11th
John & Ella selebraded there ten wedin with dancen i got $2 50 for playing the fiddle

sunday the 12
i worked 2 hours in the foundry

monday the 13

saturday the 18
i played the fiddle at charley joneses got $3 75

sunday the 19
we all went to G W Gattons for dinner

wensday the 22
we all went down to John G to dance i got $3 00 for playing the fiddle

thursday 23
still working in the foundry

friday the 24
i got $5 00 of coal

saturday the 25
we wint to robes ____ to a dance i got $3 75 for playing the fiddle

sunday the 26
slept all day

monday the 27
pay day i got $2 98 after paying my coal bill i went to the log i got shaved got home 10.50 oclock

December the 17
i was in bed all day i played the fiddle at georges last night got $2 35 i played for a dance at robert got $2 00 it was on the 2nd of dec. i got a Hog from John G for $5 50 i sold Joe B the calf sold the pigs got $7 32 for the calf $10 50 for the pigs sold 18 _____ for $3 90


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