Monday, December 10, 2007

Page Fifty Seven & Eight John Braden's Diary

thursday the 15

friday the 16
we got a letter from ma

monday 19
pay day i settled the store bill $2 69 minnie went back home

sunday the 25th

monday the 26
pay day i got 2 x 1/2 tons of coal

friday the 2 of march
we moved i paid rent $7 50 minnie came back to day

saturday the 3
ed B came back pa g was here

sunday the 4th

monday the 5
pay day i paid the boys for moving me $1 75 wife sick

monday the 12
i got paid i paid John $5 00 i came home from the work sick i wint to the log ella came over

friday the 16
i am getting all wright had been sick all week settled up with the bank got my _ _ossit book

monday the 21
Jo Barnes brought me a load of foddar i have been running the engin yesterday & to day

thursday 22

friday 23

saturday the 24
the engennear got back to day

sunday the 25
this is mas birthday there was snow on the ground this morning John g was here

monday the 26
dad was here it was his birthday i paid the store $5 00 & i owe them $4 10 i went to the log

tuesday the 27

wensday the 28

thursday the 29
M W a had a big supper & dance it snowed all day


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