Saturday, December 08, 2007

Page Fifty Four John Braden's Diary

Janury the 3
we got a letter from marion pa was here to day wife went up town got 1/2 ton coal paid john $1 00 got a load of straw & a bail of hay 50 cents of brand got harry a pair of pants paid the feed bill $1 20

thursday the 4
Ida was here to day wife paid her $1 00 working in the foundry pooting up feed mills

friday the 5
i bought a clock on a years time the price $10 00 paid $1 00 down cora comenced to walk to day she is 18 months & 7 days old

saturday the 6
We have got a new teamester

friday the 12
ma went to illinoise to day effie roate that gina was pritty sick Ed gatton came here to nite

saturday the 13
ed & i went to georges to a dance i got $2 25 for playing the fiddle the baby bothers me so i can hardley rite.


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