Monday, October 08, 2007

We Will Get Them Next Year!

As many of us locals already know this year was not meant to be for the Cubbies. Just like last year as the last strike was called the first thing I said is, "We'll get them next year"! It is never very easy being a Cubs fan, but it is what I am. Older son is a Cubs fan too and younger son watches when we are in the playoffs, but isn't too much a fan of baseball in general. I though I would write about the "curse" on out Cubs in case some of our traveling friends haven't heard about our Cubbies.

We won our last World Series in 1908. Even my grandparents were not here to see that! I can't tell you why they never won from 1908 until 1945, but after that they have an excuse. The are cursed!

There was a bar located across the street from the stadium and the proprietor was a Cubs fan. His name was William Siants. He came to see a game and happened to bring his goat with (Did I mention the bar's name was Billy Goat Tavern?). The management would not let him bring his goat in the stadium so he put a curse on the Cubs saying they will never win a World Series again. Thus the billy goat curse was born. Now we have tried everything to lift this curse. We have had his family back and they tried lifting it, they brought a goat in thinking it may lift it so far still no win. Who knows maybe the curse has been lifted and we just don't know it because we haven't played well :)

We will get them next year! If Cubs fans are nothing else we are optimistic!


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