Monday, October 08, 2007

Page Thirty Eight & Thirty Nine John Braden's Diary

friday July the 14
i worked in the garden green wood came up to buy a cow but the prise dident sute him John & i wint after the thorn hill cow

saturday the 15
i worked in the house a parte of the day wint to a horse stall after i got a load of hay dinner

sunday the 16
John and i went out to lees i got some potatoes a bout 2 bushels

monday the 17
i went to work on the Chigo & north western railroad for $1 25 a day John sold the big red cow for $50 00 to day i went up town after supper for some grocries & turpintine tom took the Jersy cow home with him

tuesday the 18
worked on the road

the 19
worked on the road

the 20
worked on the road

saturday the 21
worked on the road

sunday the 22
was home all day

monday the 23
worked on the road

tuesday the 24
worked on the road

wednesday the 25
worked on the road

thursday the 26
charley got his foot mashed off

friday the 27
i was not well to day

saturday the 28
i got $6 00 out of the bank paid my feed bill i did not work today i sold 2 pigs 1 for $5 00 we all went to graces to a dance

sunday the 29
was home all day

monday the 30
i worked on the road

tuesday the first of August
worked on the railroad

wednesday the 2
worked on the railroad

thursday the 3
worked on the railroad

friday the 4
worked on the railroad

saturday the 5
worked on the railroad went to town after supper got shaved went with tom grace & Hatty to the park


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