Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Page Forty One John Braden's Diary

friday the 18

saturday the 19
pa george john & i went to fort dog we stoped at duncom & got some beer we got to fort dog about 1 we wint about 7 miles West of fort dog we got home at 12 oclock in the night we got good & wet

sunday the 20th
was home all day

monday the 21
i dident work to day i fixed the fence help ed george move went out to Jos to fill a bed tick

tuesday the 22
i worked i traided a cow to jo for a mare & i got a set of single harness & $8 00 to boot

wensday the 23
i worked

thursday the 24

friday the 25
i dident work on the road i pooled my beens Wife & I & the boys wint to duncom

saturday the 26
worked on road wint up town after supper paid my store bill $17 00 charley wright hit Harry across the fase with his buggy whip i went to the barber shop & got shaved


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