Saturday, August 11, 2007

Waiting For My Strawberries to Harden

Most of the day was pretty quiet. Older son is at a 21st birthday party for a friend of his tonight. Younger son mostly played with his war gaming guys and played video games. He did manage to fit in his reading and practice his trumpet.

I am just waiting to take my chocolate covered strawberries out of the fridge and put them in containers for tomorrow. We are going to dinner at my sisters. I made the 7 layer Rigatoni again since I am the only one that really liked it here. If it is well liked it is going in our family cookbook. I thought is was really good. We will have between 11 and 15 people for dinner, so it will be a good test. After that was cooked I melted the chocolate that I usually use for the chocolate fountain, but didn't use the vegetable oil. It made it a little thicker and clung better. I did strawberries and mini pretzel rods. It is the same chocolate I made all the scout suckers from. There was a little chocolate left on the sides and a couple of strawberries, so I was able to sample it before it hardened. The chocolate was really good!

That is about it for today. My timer will be going off soon.


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