Sunday, August 05, 2007

August 5, 2007

We have had really hot weather and today we had storms go through. We had a tornado warning for about a half hour. They were already spotting funnels. Younger son and I grabbed the camera just to take a quick look, but it was already raining and the sky didn't look to bad yet. We ended up shutting down to computer for a while just in case.

Let me back up a bit, going back to Thursday younger son was suppose to do a mystery play at the library. Kind of like the murder mysteries we do each year with my sister's family without the murder. The drama teacher had a bunch of unfortunate things happen to her last week so it was canceled. Maybe they will get to do it again.Younger son was disappointed. There isn't much he likes better then plays and ad lib mysteries!

Friday Younger son had his eye check up again. We have seen our eye doctor a lot this year. He is still having problems, but his eyes are looking much better. We don't have to go back for 3 months now. I love our eye doctor. She is the person older son did his Eagle project for. She is wonderful with the kids. She is the type of person you feel like you have always known. You could go out to lunch and just sit and talk.

That brings us to Saturday. Younger son went with his new scout troop to a day out called, "Pathway to Eagle". He worked many hours preparing the 4 merit badges he completed this weekend. He now has earned Citizenship in the World, Dog Care (one of the very few older son didn't earn because we never had a dog before he turned 18), Sports, and Photography. He had 2 or 3 requirement's left to earn Personal Management so he will finish that up next. He had a good time. The day was mostly meeting with counselors, but I am sure they had down time to have fun too. I think he is happy to be back in the swing of things again.

Mean while older son was home all weekend! A very unusual event. We managed to get through the end of season 5 of the Sopranos. He even ran out and rented a couple disks instead of waiting for Nexflix. We will only have the first half of season 6 to finish. That is all they have out for now.

Today neither older son or I was feeling our best, so we just stayed home today and watched the extra disks of the Sopranos and played games. I think it had something to do with White Castle at midnight. Younger son was SO happy, We all like playing games, but for us to all be home the whole day to play doesn't happen much. We brought out the Boy Scout version of Monopoly. We have only played it a couple of times. Same rules as regular monopoly, but with an all boy scout related board. Older son wiped us out in a short time. I think we only played a hour or so. Today was the first time younger son beat me at scrabble! Not only did he beat me, he beat me buy about 20 points on his very last turn.

I tried a new dish this weekend too. It was Seven-Layered Rigatoni. I thought it was great. Older son ate one piece of it saying it was ok and younger son won't even try it. Neither enjoy sauce on anything. It will be a good dish to take to others houses. I am now pretty tired of it since I had it for lunch and dinner Saturday, today and still have some left for tomorrow. It made a large casserole, so I won't be making it just for us again. I can't wait to see how others will like it.

I think I am caught up now. Older son ran out for a an hour to go have ice cream with a friend and just made it back home, so we are off to finish the tape so he can return them tomorrow.

Have a great night!


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