Friday, August 10, 2007


Today in the mail came a package I forgot I ordered. Don't you love surprises? From some of my recent pictures I took I ordered cards to be made. They turned out so nice! Most are blank inside so I can write to my chemopatient and senior patient. It will be like a letter and picture in one. I was surprised at the quality of the card and envelope that came with them. I ordered through I used pictures of the dog, recent zoo pictures, a picture of me with the kids and I even made a really cute 21st birthday card for my best friends daughter. I took a picture of her and her boyfriend about a month ago and used that one. Too cute :)

On the college front, older son talked to the head of the department and a counselor and has been approved for all the classes. He has 21 credit hours this Fall. I believe it was 7 classes. Six at the college and 1 over the Internet. He visited the 4 year college he is interested in and loved it. They are really motivated after meeting him for him to attend. They are even looking into all the criminal justice classes he took and seeing if the material is close enough to their classes and may transfer more then expected. So he may still have his bachelors in two years! If they don't transfer he will have to go 3 years. The only drawback, well you knew there had to be one :) The cost is astounding! I thought he was kidding when he told me. The school works with his employer on a regular bases and will look into helping him get loans. The school has a 100% job placement rate for last year and the head of the criminal justice department has 35 years on the force. Only 8 to 10 students to a class and he would go from 7:30am to 3:20pm three days a week. The school is only 20 minutes from his job and he starts at 4pm. So it would all line up. If the school can figure out a way to get him financing he will be attending, if not well, I'm not sure about that yet. I will keep you posted!

Today we were all up early. Older son had to go to the bank this morning and then took me to the repair shop to pick up my car. They can't find any problem with it, so I am hoping I don't hear anymore noises. They already think I am crazy :) They are the nicest people. This is the second time there was no charge for looking at the car. After we were home for a short time we went to pick up younger son's friend and went to see, "The Simpson's Movie". The first half was funny, but we all agreed the second half could have been better. Can you believe the Simpsons have been around since the year older son was born!

After the movie younger son's friend came here for the day. I am taking them to the swimming pool for the 6 to 9 swim. Older son stopped by to register for his extra classes today and the went right to work. The rest of the afternoon should be quiet. I am off to write letters on the new cards! Have a great day!!


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