Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Can't Believe it is Only Tuesday!

We had some bad news today. Older son saw his advisor at the college today to talk about what he still needs for his degree. He choose to go on to a 4 year university after getting his associates degree at the end of this year. I was so happy he made that decision since he can't apply to be a police officer for about a year and a half yet, so he has time to finish his 4 year degree. He found out today that 60% of the classes he took won't transfer. He will still get his associates, but to get his 4 year degree he will have to retake all his criminal justice classes at the other college. The only classes that transfer would be his core classes. I guess if you go on to a 4 year college it is a whole set of different classes he would have had to have taken. He has a full load coming up this semester and then found out he needs a either an art or music class too, so he is adding a sixth class and then was told the last class he needs isn't going to be offered until next Summer. The head of the department may substitute two classes in place of it so he can be done, but he hasn't heard back yet. Then he would be up to 8 classes in one semester! If he doesn't ok it then he will have to stick around unit next Summer. In the mean time he will be able to pick up extra core classes in the Spring that will help with his 4 year degree. Older son was so young starting college, that knowing what to always find out was hard and the counselors may not have pointed him in the right direction. Everything happens for a reason so maybe this is where is is meant to be for a little while longer. He will have to start with student loans because taking 8 classes about doubled his tuition for the semester. We were hoping not to need student loans until he transferred, but 6 to 8 classes is beyond what we can pay for. He already did his internship at a local police department, but he is going to check and see if he can still drive along once a week or so just to be in the field. He was not happy today, but I am sure it will all work out. He is still only 19 and will have his first degree soon. He does have a meeting with an other college on Thursday so we will see what happens there. I am so glad we home schooled through high school, we always could plan ahead not having to wait for phone calls and other people to decide what work counts and doesn't. Some good news though, older son is a supervisor at UPS and he likes his job. He used to love the physical work and exercise it took. When he was made supervisor, he was given a office and put in charge of new employee training. He doesn't get to load anymore and misses the physical part of the job. Well, he thinks they are going to offer him a dock of his own to run and he is really excited about it. It would be more physical again and he loves being out there, so I am hoping that happens soon. He will be with them at least 2 or 3 more years.

Sunday night older son and I stayed up all night again watching tv. He slept until he had to go to work on Monday afternoon. I was up with younger son so only slept and hour and a half. I can't do that as well as I use too :) So Monday younger son and I stayed home all day and played a couple of games after he was done volunteering at the library. He beat me at Word of Mouth! I never lose that game, but on so little sleep he may have had the advantage :) By the time older son came home from work I was ready for bed!

Today younger son went to the pool with his friend for most the afternoon and older son and I went out. It was nice being driven around for a change :) A store by us had DVD's for $3.99 and $6.99 so we picked up a few older movie we all wanted and the new season of Full House came out today. Younger son collects that one so we picked that up too. One of the Full House disks and an other movie skipped so we will go exchange it tomorrow. Our neighbor came over and watched a movie with us tonight. Younger son put in TMNT. I haven't seen the turtles in years. Older son use to watch them all the time.

With older son off school for a few weeks and younger son off, our hours are really different then normal. I am looking forward to getting back into a routine when older son starts Fall classes. I love going through the new books and getting new school supplies. I love new pens, pencils and notebooks. It great hearing the school bus come in the mornings and seeing all the kids go by. Better yet when we go to the store, zoo, library, museums and just out and about it is quieter and all the kids are in school. I use to love Summer when the kids were in school because we actually had time together and not rushing with homework and getting to school. Since we homeschool, my favorite part of the year is all seasons :) We always get to spend time as a family and do things together.

Can you believe we had a glitch in our airline tickets too! What a couple of days. I never saw the payment go through my account for the tickets. Debbie and I went in and paid over a week or two ago. I called the travel agent and she told me to check with the account and I did. Nothing was pending. So I called her back and guess what happened? They charged my friend Debbie's account for our three tickets and her three! She was not a happy person. They did get it all fixed, but it wasn't easy since Debbie already sent the payment to her card in and had a zero balance. She would have caught it when her other card came due and she saw three more ticket on it. Now if the agency wanted to give us free tickets, I would have taken them, but it is a good thing I looked into it since there is only one flight going that time of day. We may have lost our seats since they had to cancel the reservation and redo them. Again everything ended well and we got the tickets for $9.00 less, but it about gave Debbie a heart attack!


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