Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy August!

I can't wait until October :) Cooler weather! They are saying 91 degree's, but it feels hotter. Tomorrow it is suppose to be 93. I shouldn't complain I have air conditioning, but I am ready to open up the windows and feel a cool breeze. At night I could do that in the living room, but the bedroom has the air conditioner in the window, so even when it is 80 it is too hot in the bedroom with out the air on. So no opening the living room up either since there would be no breeze without the bedroom opened.

Older son was up and out early. He helped a friend move today. He was back a couple of hours before he had to dress and go to work. I am sure he is looking forward to cooler days at work too. Last night we stayed up way too late and finished an other disk of CSI Miami. We are on season 4 of that and the Sopranos. We are sure getting our money's worth with Netflix this year. No sleep, but a lot of great use out of Netflix :) Even if he comes home at midnight one of the first things he says is CSI or Sopranos tonight. Then we end up watching just one more and one more.

Today younger son had his trumpet lesson and then went to the pool with his friend. So I was able to run a few errands. Younger son is doing a couple of merit badges at a scout outing this weekend and had to finish up a few requirements before he gets there. He is doing Citizenship in the World, Dog Care and Photography. One of the requirements of photography was to pick a subject and take 20 pictures of your subject and make it into a poster board. He picked Milo as his subject. I just ran up the store to pick up the photos and he did a pretty good job. I will post my two favorite. He has only a couple of Eagle required badge and a Eagle project left to do before he can achieve his Eagle rank.

Tomorrow Younger son is doing something special at the library with a few kids from his drama group. I will have pictures and a post tomorrow!

Stay cool!


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