Tuesday, November 06, 2007

We Are Almost Off!

We are getting up at 2:30am and leaving for the airport by 3:30am. Which reminds me of how things sound like a good idea when you are planning for the future. What were we thinking leaving so early? The plan gave us most of the first day in Disney becasue we don't want to miss anything :) The other flights would have had us arriving closer to afternoon. Since we are only there 5 days and 4 nights we reasoned we want to get a full day in. Our plan is to do Animal Kingdom when we arrive tomorrow and then go to downtown Disney tomorrow night. Younger son was never at Disney Quest when we had one in our area and has always wanted to go, so that is on the agenda for the first night in Disney. We are planning our days from 7am until midnight. Yes, we will need a vacation from our vacation! My best friend's family and the boys and I have been planning this for about a year or so. I am doing the last of the laundry and the packing today. I set my alarm this morning to make sure we got or boarding passes and we are the A group. My best friend's son is Autistic and they wanted certain seats for him.

My niece is here to take care of Milo while we are gone. I keep going over things like don't forget to leave the house keys! Can you tell how often we travel? I almost gave her my house keys this morning when I took her to the train, good thing I remembered I needed to get back in the house this morning! I must say I am a little stressed. For some reason I feel this trip has to be perfect for the kids. I keep thinking this is somehow going to change ours lives and fix some of the past. Silly I know, but even when you know what you are thinking is unreasonable it doesn't make the thought go away. Well, Disney is supose to be the happiest place on earth and I am holding them to it ! :)

See you when we get back! I wish I could take you all with us, now that would be a party!!


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